Valorant agent 24 name leaked — a hint at their kit?

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant agent 24 details are still scarce, but their name may have already been exposed by some very reputable sources.

Riot Games is finally teasing agent 24 with animated clips on social media, and all signs point to a fearsome duelist who either grants or rewards precise gunplay. While a few small details about their kit have been teased, very little about the character has been shown.

However, with their release still some time away, it appears that agent 24 of the Valorant Protocol finally has a name. Here’s what was leaked and what we may be able to guess based on the new info.

The name of agent 24 is Iso, according to reputed dataminer ValorLeaks. The post was issued very late on October 16, 2023. The leak comes after a few teasers from Riot Games showing the agent hitting bullseyes at a shooting range. The emphasis on precise gunplay combined with their name further hints at the character’s duelist playstyle, and from there, we can guess at what their general playstyle could be.

The name Iso is likely short for “isolate” or “isolation.” That implies that the agent is either meant to be played separately from the rest of the team or is designed to separate enemy players from their own. 

Cutting off escape routes is a fairly common trait in Valorant, but this agent could push it to the extreme. Perhaps their line smokes create an unpassable barrier, cutting would-be entries off from support. If they’re more of a solo operator, their abilities could allow them to hold multiple angles at once using a HUD-based camera. The precision shown in the teasers could also hint at the agent being a strong entry fragger, a role often played by deadeye duelists.

The timing of the leak also suggests that the agent is very close to dropping, though Riot Games has yet to give an official release date for agent 24.

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After leaked name, what’s the release date for Valorant agent 24?

Riot Games has confirmed that Valorant agent 24 will get a release date sometime in 2023, and a name leak with teasers suggests it will likely be sometime in November.

It’s been quite some time since a new duelist joined the roster, with Neon as the most recent in January of 2022. Riot confirmed that agent 24 would be a duelist in a recent State of the Agents, and the video all but confirmed a 2023 release date. That would keep Riot on par with its original goal of three new agents a year.

December would be a little late given the recent teasers, but previews would probably be more frequent if it was this month, so November is a safe bet.