Valorant agent 24

Valorant agent 24 is a male duelist who “doesn’t miss”

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

If players had any doubts about the sharpshooting skills of Valorant Agent 24, Riot’s latest teaser would dispel them all. The upcoming male duelist is good with a gun.

Taking to social media, Riot has shared a new GIF teaser for upcoming Valorant agent 24, and it confirms existing theories and reports. It seems Agent 24 will be quite similar to Jett and Chamber, a master of aim and precision.

Currently, Valorant has two agents who bring their own weapons to the battlefield capable of annihilating an enemy: Chamber and Jett. Now, Riot seems to be adding another duelist to the list, at least that’s what the teaser suggests.

The latest teaser by Riot features a shooting rtarget with a tiny hole pierced open by a bullet right in the bullseye. On the corner, bullet shells and a pistol can also be spotted. Accompanied by the teaser is a short caption by Cypher.

“I’ve found something interesting. Very interesting. Debrief soon.”

This teaser was followed by another one where Sage is watching the same GIF as other agents comment on the jaw-dropping sight of multiple bullseye shots. From the chat, it seems that the upcoming agent has already impressed their team members. Here’s what each agent has to say about the shots.

Reyna: He’s good, but my targets move.
Cypher: Seems useful, don’t you think?

The latest teaser also confirms that Valorant Agent 24 is a male duelist.

Upcoming Valorant duelist may have his own weapon

Players have made an easy guess that Valorant Agent 24 will have some sort of aim lock power. But their guess isn’t random. Riot has previously pointed at an agent that enables those with less precise aim.

According to Riot, the upcoming duelist will facilitate those always looking for a 5K, with a unique ability that “you never thought would make it into Valorant.” The next duelist comes with a twist that would enable the aim-training players to get kills and let their gunplay shine. The description points at a Valorant duelist similar to Jett who comes with her own aim-precise daggers.

It remains to be seen how accurate this theory is, but every teaser points at a Chamber or Jett-like duelist.