Use these Viper molotov lineups in Valorant to win rounds on Haven

Fariha Bhatti • February 19, 2021 12:51 am

Controller agents are most viable on passive plays, but Valorant’s most underrated agent, Viper, can be a menace on the attacking side thanks to her snake bite. 

Painted in Paris green, the controller agent may be visually pleasing but is extremely deadly when used correctly. A few players who main Viper use her for her bombshell ultimate or unique re-usable smokes. Her molotov’s efficacy usually goes unnoticed.

Tackling a large map like Haven can be challenging for players. However, a good sentinel or controller can help make this map easier. These lineups for Snakebite prove that Viper’s molotov is the ultimate key to clearing out tight corners on Ascent both on the attack. 

A Site’s Haven is a critical angle that defenders utilize to hold off attacker pushes. A smoke may help block their sight, but a well-calculated molotov can cause damage as well. To injure enemies at Window, stand atop the sacks on A Long. Aim at the corner where the wall connects with the house and shoot your launcher. 

From this same position, you can create excellent post-plant molotov. Step down from the sacks and aim at the corner of the burnt building, as shown in the image. Launch the molotov to poison the enemies defusing the Spike on A Default. 

For B Site-post plant, Viper’s molotov works just as good as Brimstone’s ultimate. Make sure the spike is planted is for the courtyard and position yourself towards the mid doors. Aim at the door’s corner seal, peek enough to bounce your launcher against it. 

Ascent’s C Site is relatively easier to open as long as you have a solid initiator or controller. Viper’s poison can help clear out corners before you push in, allowing a quick Spike plant without taking up unnecessary duels. The corner behind the generator is one of the most common hiding spots for defenders.  

To burn them out, align yourself with the brick outside of C Long and aim up at the wood slats. Place your crosshair in the middle of the wooden bars and shoot the launcher. This will land right behind the generator, allowing your teammates to take the hiding enemies down. 

C Entrance’s left side is another pain point, which is just as predictable as it is dangerous. Enemies usually camp there to take the attackers by surprise. It’s better to clear out this angle beforehand instead of dying to a close-range SMG spray. 

Aim at the wood threshold outside of C Long and place your crosshair a bit far from the roof shingle. Shoot the molotov as soon as your team starts pushing as the launcher takes five seconds to land on the corner. 

Using these Viper snakebite lineups, you may find it easier to open sites and play a crucial role even after the plant. The team could save up Brimstone, Killjoy, and Sova’s ultimate if there’s a Viper with two molotovs on the team. 


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