Viper setup on Fracture

Here is how Viper can help open C site on Haven

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games’ recent nerf to Omen has tempted the players to try out other controllers. Viper may become a top pick after learning that she can single-handedly block most angles at Haven’s bomb point C.  

Omen and Brimstone’s smokes are extremely viable to block out crucial angles. However, Viper carries some extra abilities in her toolkit that may help open C Site more effectively. A controller is expected to support the duelists breeze into a bomb point and Viper can do just that with her destructive powers. 

Her poison cloud, toxic screen, and snake bite can easily block out all C-site angles, allowing the attackers to get a Spike plant quickly. 

Site C is open from Garage and defender’s spawn. A basic Viper toxic screen lineup can cover those openings. Stand outside C Long and place your crosshair on the wooden area of the entrance. Press the ability key and place down the wall but don’t deploy it until the team is all set to push in. 

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Even after blocking out the two angles, C Site has a few choke points where enemies could camp and ambush. This one-way Viper smoke can help your teammates contest the sneaky enemies. For example, default green crate is one of the most common spots for the enemy Operator to hold.

Viper’s Poison Cloud can deceit the enemy into peaking your armed teammates. For this lineup, stand at the corner wall at C Long and aim at the sky. Use the ability hud as your guide and align yourself accordingly, as shown in the image. 

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The device will fall on top of the crates, blocking the enemy’s sight. Your teammates can use this angle to take down the enemy Operator and safely push inside Point B. The main idea behind the setup is to get a safe Spike plant without going too deep into the site.

However, enemies can always camp in tight corners like the one behind the generator on C Site. Viper’s molotov can burn the enemies out of the corner to ensure a safe plant. 

Use the same first lineup for molotov at C Long and align your poison bar’s corner with the leaves. The Snakebite will land right behind the grey box, causing plenty of damage to the enemy. 

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Here’s how the setup would look like:  

For this setup, you may want to coordinate with your teammates and time the abilities accordingly. Throwing everything altogether may waste Viper’s powers which is why communication is crucial for successful execution. With a little help from an initiator like Sova, this setup can also be reused multiple times throughout the attacker’s half. 

Is Viper the worst agent in Valorant?

Since the closed beta, Viper has been considered one of the worst agents in Valorant. In patch 1.07 and 1.09, Viper received some buffs. But she still stayed the worst agent in the game. She was seen as a very situational agent that didn’t seem useful in most instances. This recent Omen nerf might be just what Viper needs to get some more competitive play time.