Upcoming Brazilian CSGO player brutt dies at just 19 years old

Steven Rondina • December 16, 21:48

Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Matheus “brutt” Queiroz has died. He was 19 years old.

Per HLTV, the news was initially reported by Brazilian sports outlet Globo, which was then confirmed by brutt’s team, Imperial Esports. The cause of death has not been reported.

“Imperial Esports announces with regret the death of brutt. Matheus had been away from our CSGO team since early December, when he started to feel headaches and left our GH in Sao Paulo to treat himself close to his family in Rio de Janeiro,” the organization announced in a statement on Twitter. “At the time of his death, Matheus was admitted to a hospital in the state capital, where he was receiving treatment. There is no official information on the cause of death yet.”

On December 5, brutt announced on Twitter that he was headed to Rio de Janeiro for health reasons. Two days later, he added that he was in the hospital. In his final tweet, he thanked fans for their support and responded to well-wishes from Imperial Esports.

Brutt was a great CSGO talent and prospect

Brutt’s official CSGO career started in early 2018 playing in various qualifiers and leagues. Towards the end of the year, he landed with Team Hardneja, which placed top four in ESEA’s Brazilian Season 29: Open Division.

He then joined Team Reapers and saw similar results, playing in qualifiers and regional leagues. His greatest success during that stretch came in reaching the finals of ESEA Season 31’s Brazilian Open Division and finishing first in ESEA Proving Grounds South America 2019.

He split off from Team Reapers in November and joined Imperial Esports shortly thereafter. His only event with that team saw him competing in Campeonato Brasileiro de Counter-Strike Season 2, a prelude to WESG’s Brazil 2019 event.

At just 19 years old and with only 18 months of professional CSGO competition under his belt, brutt managed to climb the Brazilian ladder very quickly. The CSGO community has responded to the news by mourning the loss of such a young talent and man.


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