UFC fighter celebrates with Fortnite dance

By Steven Rondina


Feb 6, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Count Jose Aldo among the many pro athletes that love Fortnite.

The former UFC featherweight champion scored a big win at UFC Fight Night 144, knocking out Renato Moicano early in the second round of the fight. The Brazilian commemorated the occasion by showing off his rendition of the “Take the L” dance from Fortnite.

Since rolling out its Battle Royale mode in 2017, Fortnite has achieved a level of mainstream popularity few games can match. This can be seen in many different ways, but few more so than the game’s infiltration into the world of traditional sports. Athletes across the world have flaunted their love of the game, with many doing so by imitating the emotes that have become synonymous with the brand.

In 2018, the Houston Astros’ Fortnite fandom made headlines as the team’s outfielders celebrated wins on the field by imitating the “Jubilation” emote. When asked about this, star player Josh Reddick said that partying up in Fortnite was one of the Astros’ best methods of unwinding.

American football has always had players looking to show off their moves and the popularity of Fortnite certainly hasn’t hurt that. Touchdown dances inspired by the game were a constant during the 2018-2019 season, with “Floss” and “Orange Justice” being among the most popular.

This love spans multiple sports, but it’s not quite unanimous. In October, Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat said the team had instituted a ban on the game during road trips, a move that drew jeers from fans and rivals alike.

“It’s definitely a no-go on the road,” said Horvat. “No more Fortnite, no more bringing your video games or anything like that. It’s strictly team meals, team dinners and hanging out with the guys.”

While the NHL might be pushing back against it, look for other athletes to keep on flossing, hyping, and swiping it throughout 2019.