Tyler1 calls out stream snipers after reaching Diamond IV in EU

By Olivia Richman


Mar 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends personality Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has finally reached Diamond IV in the EUW region despite a lot of players in the region trying to get in the way of his goal.

Reaching Diamond IV in the EUW servers is the latest challenge that Tyler1 has dominated. He has also hit challenger in all five roles, among other tricky League of Legends accomplishments. This, along with his boisterous personality, has made Tyler1 one of the most popular League streamers in the world. But this notoriety has also led to some major roadblocks during his most recent endeavor.

Tyler1 started his EU journey unranked and fought his way up to Challenger, running into an endless army of trolls and stream snipers. It was clear that many gamers had caught wind of Tyler1’s goal and purposefully aimed to get in his way by watching his streams and unfairly using the information against him. His own teammates also tried trolling him, with one gamer notoriously getting one kill while dying 48 times.

Despite all of the toxic players, Tyler1 played a total of 79 ranked games in three days, finally reaching Diamond. Once he finally completed his mission, Tyler1 took to Twitch to call out all the toxic players he ran into.

Tyler1 climb to Diamond IV in EU had many roadblocks

Tyler1 clearly had enough of the stream snipers by the end of his excruciating climb, saying “f— you” to the whole region.

“You guys f—ing queue up and snipe me for the first 15 hours of the day… Guess what, baby? You f—ing went to bed, didn’t you? And you left me three hours uncontested,” Tyler1 ranted on stream. “It doesn’t matter how much you little pussies snipe. You scrawny, pale, lanky twigs. It doesn’t matter because I have more passion, more grind, and more swagger than you shitters.”

Tyler1 added that the trolls will eventually get sick of purposefully ruining his games and will eventually quit.

“Thanks for Diamond, dips—s. Dopa doooown!” Tyler1 yelled.

And that ended Tyler1’s 18-hour grind on the EU servers. The super long stream was clearly stressful for the content creator, thanks to all of the stream snipers. But it still didn’t stop him from doing yet another incredible challenge to add to his League of Legends resume.


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