Two new maps enter CS:GO competitive rotation

By Steven Rondina


Feb 2, 2019

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s map pool has gotten a bit more lively.

A pair of new defusal maps, Zoo and Abbey, have been added to the competitive rotation. They replace Subzero and Austria, which were removed on the January 24 update following runs of one and two years, respectively.

Zoo is a familiar sight for longtime Counter-Strike players. An updated version of the former Operation Bloodhound map, it stands apart from most CS:GO maps with its vibrant colors, unique background noises, and San Francisco themes. It is also distinct because of its wildly different bomb sites, with a wide open A site compared to a more compact B site nestled between narrow hallways, tricky corners, and high vantage points.

Compared to Zoo, Abbey is a relatively standard offering. With a middle section that opens up into multiple entryways to the bomb sites, Abbey has a similar feel to fan favorite maps Mirage and Dust 2. It separates itself from those staples of the game with some broad choke points populated by only sparse cover.

Though the maps have been added to competitive, they are not yet available in pro matches, and there’s no guarantee that either map will ever see professional play.

In addition to the two new defusal maps, Vertigo has been added to Wingman. The classic map has been significantly retooled for the two-versus-two gameplay mode. Only one bombsite is available, accessible through two choke points. One is a accessed via a tall stairway, while the other is a snaking hallway.

The two chokes can be accessed from one another through boosts, requiring players to be doubly aware of their opponents’ positioning.

Outside of the new maps, there were no other notable changes made. The full patch notes can be found on the official CS:GO blog.


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