Two big orgs announce female CSGO rosters amid Source 2 rumors

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 8, 2023

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has healthy esports, but the female scene has always struggled. However, two prominent organizations have announced all-female rosters as rumors of Counter-Strike 2 pick up steam. 

Counter-Strike 2 is just around the corner, leakers claim. Just the rumors have added so much fuel to the fire that pro players who left CSGO are contemplating their decision. The player base is feeling more energetic than ever, and Guild and G2 have made a refreshing announcement amid all of this. 

It’s no secret that CSGO female scene wasn’t in the best state when Julia “Juliano” Kiran left it. One of the biggest names in female esports, Juliano, had switched to Valorant in 2021, and it was basically the last straw for CSGO femme. But, she has returned.

Following in the footsteps of G2, Guild has also announced a female CSGO roster.

Guild and G2 esports announce female CSGO rosters

In 2021, Juliano left CSGO after giving more than ten years to Valve’s shooter. However, on March 7, G2 esports explained that she would stay under the G2 umbrella but in a different division. In Nikola “NiKo” Kovač’s words, Juliano and her long-term gaming partner Zainab “⁠zAAz⁠” Turkie will now play the “real game.” 

G2 Esports’ CSGO roster dubbed OYA will also include Anastasia “⁠kr4sy⁠” Khlobystina, Oleksandra “⁠manka⁠” Kruspe, and Aleksandra “kyossa” Tychanska. The three young pros will play under the CSGO veterans Juliano and ZaaZ. It’s worth noting that Juliano is a world champion in two top FPS games, Valorant and CSGO.

So, G2 Esports will have a stronghold going into Counter-Strike 2 if the Source 2 port materializes. 

While CSGO fans were already on a high, Guild esports, an organization co-owned by David Beckham, also jumped in with their own announcement. Guild is beginning their CSGO journey with the former OUTCASTS lineup that qualified for ESL Impact Season 3 Europe.

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Here’s the Guild CSGO roster:

  •  Anna “⁠Ann4⁠” Laurinoviča
  •  Kaia “⁠KiKi⁠” Holmen
  •  Marita “⁠Minnie⁠” Siljan Sørensen
  •  Thea “⁠pullox⁠” Evensen
  •  Linnea “Nea” Claesson

Rumors of a Counter-Strike 2 release have been swirling around the gaming community, and the recent emergence of two powerhouse female teams proves that the CSGO female scene is still alive and kicking. It’s an exciting time for esports, and if the highly anticipated game drops soon, we can expect a massive surge in the already skyrocketing esports scene.

Both teams can be seen in action in ESL Impact Season 3.


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