Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx abuses girlfriend during livestream

By Olivia Richman


Apr 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The Twitch community was outraged when SmashGodxXx appeared to abuse his girlfriend during a live broadcast. Viewers are now calling for SmashGodxXx to be permanently banned from Twitch and to face legal consequences. 

The clips of the incident were taken off of Twitch after SmashGodxXx faced immediate backlash. Even so, it’s been shared around the internet in other ways as the streaming community continues to express concern over what the video depicts. In the clip, SmashGodxXx asks his girlfriend to leave the room so he can talk to the chat without her present. When she refuses, SmashGodxXx demands she bring him a beer from the other room. 

“I’m not your fucking maid, okay?” she responds, getting visibly upset. 

After her outburst, SmashGodxXx turns the camera away. The live broadcast continues, allowing viewers to hear a hard slapping sound. Instead of denying what just happened, SmashGodxXx told his chat he hit his girlfriend but called it a “slash” in an attempt to downplay what he had done. 

“She’s finally realizing how much drama she can cause by a little thing like us ‘playing around’ like that,” SmashGodxXx told his chat to explain his girlfriend’s tears. “Jane’s crying, but that’s not going to help something or do something.” 

Later in the video, SmashGodxXx also tells his girlfriend that it’s her fault that he was getting backlash online. When SmashGodxXx attempts to hug her at another point in the clip, his girlfriend pulls away. He can barely be heard whispering, “Do it or I’ll beat the shit out of you.” 

This time, SmashGodxXx blamed the audience for the drama instead. He tried to explain to his chat how they have upset his girlfriend. 

After a while, SmashGodxXx’s sister comes in and takes the camera from his room. As she casually talks to the viewers, shouting and door slamming can be heard from the other room. The stream finally ends. 

The streaming community has continued to call for SmashGodxXx to face consequences for his actions. The abuse has disturbed many people as well as his behavior after physically assaulting his girlfriend. Some people also called for his sister to take some responsibility since she appeared complicit with SmashGodxXx’s actions. 

As people continue to call SmashGodxXx out on Reddit, the streamer has called on his mods to help him bury any posts about him. He went on Discord to tell followers to “downvote” posts about him on Reddit. But most people have already seen the clips and are now begging his girlfriend to leave the apparently toxic relationship. 

Twitch finally took down SmashGodxXx’s channel in response. 


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