Twitch pulls Super Seducer off its platform after Steam denial

By Olivia Richman


Mar 31, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Twitch is the latest platform to seem sufficiently repulsed by Super Seducer to reject the infamous series of games.

The streaming platform removed all Super Seducer games from its categories, now listing them as “prohibited.” All three games were marked as “erotic” by Twitch, which is most likely due to Super Seducer 3 having an “uncensored” version. The game’s creator, Richard La Ruina, took to Twitter to argue that the first two games should still be allowed on Twitch. 

This latest news came after Steam also decided to deny Super Seducer 3 from being listed on its digital distribution service. Steam often changes its terms to protect consumers, including the “no pornography” rule clarified in November. But if you ask Ruina, Steam’s most recent change was created to specifically target Super Seducer 3. 

According to a tweet from the self-proclaimed genius pickup artist, Steam ruled that games can’t contain sexually explicit images of real people in response to Super Seducer 3 being submitted. 

“How is that fair? Why would they not work with us?” Ruina asked. 

While he understands why Super Seducer 3 might deserve the denial, Ruina is now petrified that the new rule about “sexually explicit images of real people” could have his other works also removed from Steam. 

What is Super Seducer? 

Super Seducer is a choose-your-own-adventure game that was also not allowed on Kickstarter because it violated the platform’s “no seduction manuals” rule. It’s almost as though no platform on the internet wants any part of Super Seducer, but Ruina is determined to keep pushing the game regardless, most likely to promote his other career as a “pick-up artist,” a man who believes that all women can be convinced to sleep with any man if they just play their cards correctly. 

Super Seducer has 10 different scenarios that allow players to encounter women in multiple areas, including bars and coffee shops. Players control Ruina, who acts as a stand-in for the player. They pick between multiple choices in an attempt to win the woman’s heart. After each choice, Ruina will act out the choice and then discuss why it would or wouldn’t make a woman instantly fall in love with a random man saying such things.

Players who pick the right choices are rewarded with a clip of Ruina lounging on a bed surrounded by models. It most likely gets a lot freakier in Super Seducer 3’s uncensored version, but in the first Super Seducer, the models just seem bored. 

Super Seducer banned Twitch

Even though this kind of game isn’t for everyone, a lot of people still voiced frustrations with Twitch’s decision to shun the game from its platform. Per usual, it seems that Twitch’s inconsistent rulings have put the company in hot water with its own users. Many on Twitter responded to Ruina’s frustration by showing screenshots of female streamers from the Just Chatting category which could be described as “erotic” in nature.

It should be noted one of the women being discussed was in fact banned multiple times for being overly sexual on stream. But Twitch has been notoriously inconsistent with its punishments, making some feel concerned about the platform’s integrity and a possible bias towards female streamers who sexualize their content. 


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