Twitch is launching a dedicated viewing category for sports

By Olivia Richman


Jul 22, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Twitch has now officially relaunched its sports category. 

The streaming platform first explored streaming traditional sports in March when they broadcasted the English Premier League’s soccer matches. Now, Twitch has decided to explore sports once again. This time, the move comes with a lot more support. 

Twitch sports channels

Twitch has created a category dedicated entirely to sports. It’s now live and full of sporting channels streaming games from a variety of sports titles. The sports category is prominently featured on the platform’s browsing section, helping people find sports-related content much easier on the platform. 

The category’s redebut came with a virtual showcase for the sports channel and category. It features popular sporting figures and leagues, including the NBA and UFC, who will appear live on stream to promote the new initiative. Twitch is also collaborating with Real Madrid and three other soccer teams, each of whom will be producing content on their own Twitch channels. 

Twitch sports channel

Tradtional sports comes back to Twitch

There has always been sports content on Twitch, but it’s never had its own dedicated category. This also isn’t the first time Twitch has given a category to something other than video games. Before sports, Twitch has also implemented a Just Chatting section, music streams, and the IRL category. 

Twitch has been streaming the NFL’s Thursday Night Football broadcasts and UEFA Champions League matches before the launch of the dedicated sports category. Last year, Twitch also became the USA Basketball’s official streaming partner. The streaming platform has also been home to many sports stars, like British Formula 1 driver Lando Norris and multiple WWE Superstars who use the site to play games with their fans. 

Check out the new TwitchSports channel here, which has seen significant viewership after its launch. Users can also find sports-related content in the new Sports section


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