Twitch implements harsher punishment for banned users, locks down chat

By Olivia Richman


Mar 29, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch has long been blasted for not seeming to care about their content creators but now, the platform has given streamers more control over their channels. 

“Your well-being is important. We are taking steps to improve that, starting with your peace of mind. Blocking users now removes them from your Followers list. Channel banning users will remove them from your Chat list so you don’t have to see them anymore,” Twitch announced on Twitter. 

When one Twitter user asked Twitch to clarify if other people in the chat could still see them or if the banned person can still refollow, Twitch was quick to respond. And they made it clear that being banned by a content creator is quite the hefty punishment. 

“That’s correct. Blocked users won’t be able to refollow. Additionally, they can’t whisper, host, request friendship, or purchase gift subs,” Twitch explained

Twitch went on to note that banned users will still have access to the chat list themselves. This will allow them to request an appeal from a channel’s moderation team, if desired. Still, this gives a lot more power to content creators in these kind of situations with inappropriate followers. 

“The most important thing to remember is that this is your channel, and you are in control. You have the power to take any of the actions described in this article, and to appoint moderators and empower them to take action; the right combination is whatever makes you feel safe and positive,” Twitch stated in an updated article on managing harassment

Banned Twitch users face IP shadowbans

Before, banned Twitch users were able to create alternate accounts. This allowed them to easily continue harrassing streamers, with the victims having no real way to remedy this. Twitch’s new user ban system gives them a better ability to protect themselves. 

Banned individuals will have their IP shadowbanned. This means they can’t simply create another account if they are banned, since their entire device is blocked. 

The Twitch ban update is one of the more severe a social platform has implemented,” said streamer Devin Nash. “If you ban a person, they can no longer see chat. But also, any additional accounts they create are IP shadowbanned (they can post messages but no one can see them).” 

He added that he tested this with his main and alternate accounts. In doing so, he found that unbanning removes the shadowban from all accounts. 

100 Thieves content creator Froste responded to Nash, saying that it’s “about time” Twitch did something like this. Fellow streamer Asmongold also voiced his approval for the harsh punishment for banned users. 

Other followers were concerned with the amount of power that moderators would have over other fans in the chat. 


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