Try this Jett spawn peek trick on Ascent to spot your enemies

By Olivia Richman


Jan 8, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant is a tactical shooter where knowing the enemy’s location is paramount to winning a round. It’s why Cypher’s intel gathering abilities are so powerful and why the newest agent, Shatter, has an ability that misdirects opponents with fake footsteps. 

But even duelist agents who are often used for pub stomping can get in on the intel action with a few tricks. Since the game’s closed beta in the summer of 2020, competitive players have been finding various locations on each map where Jett can use her heightened mobility to gather important information on the opposite team. 

One of the most recent tricks discovered can be performed while Jett is still in spawn, allowing her team to get some serious insight on the enemy’s strategy before making movement decisions for that round. 

How to use Jett’s spawn peek trick on Ascent

Players have discovered that using Jett’s Tailwind dash ability at certain angles will give them a large height boost. One player saw decided to try it themselves on Ascent. It worked amazingly well. 

While in the attacking spawn on Ascent, Jett players can walk to the left-most corner and stare at the corner of the building across the sky. Use her ultimate, Bladestorm, which will see some throwing knives appear at your side. While angled at the corner of the building, use Tailwind to propel Jett forward. While in the air, use two Updraft abilities in a row so that Jett can work her way to the roof of the building right in front of the spawn, as seen in the image below. 

Jett spawn peek trick

While in the air, Jett is able to see an aerial view of almost all incoming hallways and angles for her team. While some players noted that it would be pretty great if they could use their knives to get some kills from such an incredible height, the real purpose of the trick is to spot incoming enemies and inform teammates of their positioning. 

The player found three other corners that allow Jett to perform a similar trick elsewhere on the map, utilizing the same abilities in the same order and fashion. 

Even though this is an incredible way to gather information, it does come at a price. Jett users must use basically all of their abilities before the team has even planted the Spike. This can potentially hurt Jett’s team during the round, since she no longer has mobility or her ultimate to use in crucial combat situations. 

Will Riot nerf Jett or her abilities? 

While players were impressed with this trick, they couldn’t help but wonder if it would remain in the game for long. With Episode 2 just around the corner, Riot could address this trick in an update. People just weren’t sure exactly how it would be fixed if Riot did choose to tackle it. 

Valorant fans speculated that Jett’s abilities would be nerfed, mainly her Tailwind dash. Others felt she would be removed from the game entirely while the issue was being worked on. Most players felt that “busted” tricks like Jett’s peek would be quickly dealt with, similar to how Valorant developers have quickly worked on other similar tricks in the past.

This includes Killjoy’s turret being placed underneath the map where it couldn’t be detected or destroyed. When players discovered this bug on Haven, Riot disabled Killjoy while developers fixed the issue. 

But some gamers in the Valorant community were confident that Riot would never address the trick at all. They noted similar “bugs” in League of Legends that were never changed, even when players pointed them out multiple times. Instead, Riot chose to balance the game around those “bugs,” making them part of the game and part of the involved champion’s kit. 

So far, Riot hasn’t made any statements about the Jett spawn peek trick.