Game-breaking Killjoy bug discovered on Haven Valorant map

Olivia Richman • November 29, 19:19

Killjoy mains have discovered a game-breaking bug with Valorant’s defensive agent. 

While playing a match on Haven, players discovered that Killjoy can deploy her turret under the ground. This is a game-breaking glitch that competitors have started taking advantage of. 

Killjoy’s signature ability is her Turret, which fires at enemies in a 180-degree area in front of it, dealing 11 damage per shot. The turret usually has 125 health, meaning enemy players can take down the pesky machine fairly easily. By hiding the turret underground, the turret becomes basically invincible. 

Once a Killjoy takes control of the garage area of the map, she can angle the ability in such a way that the turret slips underneath the floorboards. Not only is it impossible for opponents to destroy the turret, but players can also use the hidden machine to gather valuable intel about the enemy team. Looking at the bugged turret, Killjoy can see where the turret turns to when it starts shooting at opponents. This lets players know exactly where opponents are approaching from. It’s almost impossible for the attacking team to take over A or C once the turret is placed. 

Valorant players discover Killjoy bug, beg Riot for a fix

One competitive Valorant player took to Reddit to inform the community that “everyone knows” about the Killjoy glitch on Haven. After losing 10 matches to the bug, the player demanded that Killjoy be disabled while developers figure out a hotfix. 

While some Killjoy mains argued that it would be unfair for their favorite agent to be removed if they aren’t using the bug, the majority of Valorant players agreed that Killjoy was breaking the game. Many players stated they were reporting players for using the bug every time they see it in-game, but nothing has been done about it. Riot has yet to address the Killjoy glitch and it’s been a week. 

Another agent bug is also causing lingering troubles, this time revolving around Omen and Sage. Combined with the Killjoy issues, there is a growing amount of frustration in the Valorant community. 

With help from Sage’s wall ability, Omen can essentially become invisible to the enemy team. Players have been asking for Omen to be disabled as well until Riot announces a hotfix. 


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