Try this Inferno one-way smoke by HooXi to defend B

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 27, 2022

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Inferno B site becomes an absolute lion’s den with this new one-way smoke by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s gigachad Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen. 

CSGO has a long list of classic maps grandfathered in from 1.6 and Source. Dedicated players grew up loitering around these locations in pixelated visuals on low-end computers. To keep their legacy in the CS franchise, Valve has chosen to update them with high-definition graphics and balance improvements. Inferno is one of the oldest maps, which means players have exhausted nearly every way to play it. 

However, HooXi has showcased a brand new smoke that changes how Inferno’s B site is played. This tricky one-way smoke is a true game-changer. 

HooXi’s one-way smoke for Inferno B site

Investing a smoke grenade worth $300 on a one-way isn’t always the smartest idea. Enemies often figure out randomly placed smokes, especially in high ELO, rendering them useless. But unlike other one-way smoke, this one warrants a high success rate due to it’s recent discovery.

This one-way by HooXi creates a window for two players, making it useful in real matches. The new box boost setup becomes stalwart with smoke covering both players. 

First of all, boost your teammate on top of the gray crates before lining up the grenade. Then move towards the left boxes, stick close to orange, and place your crosshair at the lower end of the new box. Press right-click throw to block off most of new box, creating a dual one-way window. Take the post under new box towards the right end of the smoke. 

From here, you should clearly see enemies rushing into the banana. The teammate on top of the crates would also be able to pick off the terrorists. The double CT setup should be enough to split the enemies, making it easier to shoot down the distracted terrorists. The unique double vision of this smoke makes it more viable and a worthy investment. 

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It’s worth noting that this setup is only viable on full buy rounds. On eco rounds, a Deagle should help you bag plenty of kills if you’re good at one-tapping. SMGs and cheap pistols may not render the same results due to the long range. 

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