Trailers reveal new LoL champion Void Empress Bel’Veth

Steven Rondina • May 18, 2022 12:24 am

Riot Games is officially rolling out the red carpet for the next new champion to hit the game, the Void Empress Bel’Veth.

A pair of teaser trailers have come out of the League of Legends developer giving fans their first official taste of the new LoL champion. The teasers reveal a spooky, three-eyed figure discussing their intent to “remake” the world of Runeterra. It’s uncertain what that actually means, but it’s clear that Bel’Veth is meant to be a big deal canonically.

The champion was teased in April as part of a Champion Roadmap update. The blog post gives an extra bit of context for who this character is and what they’re here to do.

“A new skirmisher for all those jungle players out there. A new Empress to submit to… and you will submit. Those who do so willingly will be rewarded by becoming part of the ever-expanding Lavender Sea, crashing like waves against the enemies’ defensive structures. Give in to your Empress and let her feed on your essence, so you may become part of the new evolution of Runeterra,” the update reads.

New LoL champion Bel’Veth is the game’s next jungler

The Champion Roadmap noted that the new LoL champion is meant to be a jungler. While that may be Riot’s intent for Bel’Veth, plenty of other champions in League of Legends have been conceptualized for one role only to wind up repurposed by players elsewhere.

The teaser trailers don’t let fans fully see Bel’Veth, but they seemingly confirm a previous leak that revealed her appearance. Data miners discovered a fully modeled version of Bel’Veth in the League of Legends game files that reveal her in-game model and included voice clips that sound similar to the voice in the teaser trailer. 

Bel’Veth has two forms. Normally, she looks like something akin to a mermaid except instead of being half-human and half-fish, she’s half-human and half-manta ray. She reveals her true form after using her ultimate. This form looks to be armored with a face more akin to the titular character from the movie Predator.

Bel’Veth is likely to be at the center of a new event centered around an invasion of Runeterra by champions and creatures of the Void. Expect this event to come this summer.


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