Agent 19

Trailer reveals launch date, skills of new Valorant agent Neon

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has finally given the first official look at the kit of new Valorant agent Neon. Agent 19 seems to be lightning-fast and has sonic-style hair. 

Valorant’s most anticipated duelist so far has officially been revealed, and she’s everything players wanted. A mobility ranger that swoops in and hits enemies like an electric shock. Neon bears the tag 19, and she hails from the Philippines. 

Her first look was leaked earlier through Amazon Prime’s drop page, and players loved her appearance and style. However, the new video has split the player base into two. Valorant seems like an entirely different game in Riot’s trailer of agent 19 Neon. Electricity is flowing all across Icebox, and Neon seems to be sliding Apex Legends-style. Players already have a good idea about how Neon fits in Valorant’s roster.

What are agent 19’s abilities? 

Much like Astra, agent 19 seems to bring some built-in power that drives her kit. For example, Astra has the stars that enable her concuss and smokes abilities. Agent 19 seems to have similar supernatural powers that allow her to dive and run. She might use this same energy source to electrocute enemies. 

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Neon has a damage-dealing wall similar to Phoenix, allowing her to enter sites safely. The only difference is that her barriers are much more potent as they protect her from both sides. She also seems to draw energy into her hands to shoot at enemies, which means she might not rely on her weapons at all times.

Her damage-dealing abilities paired with movement skills hint that she’d likely get nerfed soon. The agent could dive, run into enemies, and electrocute them with her bare hands. No other Valorant duelist can deal heavy damage while having map control so far, which makes her a potentially overpowered character. Mobility paired with damage-dealing powers will surely cause a lot of trouble in ranked games. 

When is Neon coming to Valorant? 

Agent 19 will enter Valorant on January 11 with a new battle pass and skin bundle. 

The agent hasn’t officially dropped yet but fans are already very excited. Those who like her in the trailer should start practicing their movement in Valorant before Neon officially arrives.