Valorant agent 19 first look

Leak shows first look at Valorant’s new Agent 19, Neon

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Prime Gaming may have accidentally leaked the first look of Valorant agent 19. The electrical duelist may have cute pigtails, but a fierce dash hints that she will be deadly.  

Teasers of agent 19 have been swirling for weeks now, creating an air of excitement for Valorant fans. Players were eager to see the brand new agent, and it seems that her image has slipped through the cracks. Amazon Gaming accidentally used Episode 4 Key art for the new Prime Gaming page, revealing the new agent the first time.

Agent 19, named Neon, looks like Jett but brings a new hairstyle to Valorant. Her pigtails, ice-blue gaze, and laser shoes make her resemblance with Jett uncanny. The agent looks like a long-lost sibling of Jett, and maybe she is. Valorant lore will likely reveal more about her background soon. 

Who is Valorant agent 19? 

So far, we only know that agent 19, named Neon, is another speedy agent who’ll have mobility tactics up her sleeves. She’s a Filipino duelist who draws energy from electricity and has been through the Radiant training program. 

“Reyna, radiant as always. Speaking of which, I have an impressionable young mind for you to corrupt. A gift from me to you,” Chamber says to Reyna in one of his voicelines.

Her Radiant heritage has also been confirmed in Sage’s message to Brimstone. The healer told Brimstone how a Radiant training program is necessary. The new agent seems to hail from it.

The first look of her dashing through the screen confirms that she moves quickly. Multiple agents, including Chamber, Brimstone, and more, are watching her run away with lightning speed in the leaked poster. This suggests that she’s faster than everyone else.

She may bring a counter for Jett’s tight hold on Valorant’s current meta. The leak also showed Neon surrounded by electric streaks that illuminated her face. This likely explains the cryptic teaser that suggested her hacking capabilities. 

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Players already have a pretty good idea of the Filipino agent’s abilities. The previous teaser of her sleek sportswear and Riot’s use of terms like “recharging” and confirmed theories of her being a lightning-based agent. The new agent would probably bring a mix of Sova’s shock darts and Jett’s wind control to the game. Whatever the case, the new agent looks promising so far. 

The hype around Neon is high due to her new ability kit. This excitement around a Valorant agent was last registered for Japanese hero Yoru, but he turned about to be a bust. Players are hoping that agent 19 would can bring a change to the Valorant meta as Kay/O once did and balance it out for good.