Top Fortnite player released after theft accusations

By Steven Rondina


Feb 10, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

One of Fortnite’s most successful pro players now finds himself without a sponsor.

Luminosity Gaming has officially announced the release of Nate “Kreo” Kou. The news comes after a wave of controversy surrounding Kreo due to a YouTube video claiming the player was boosting, stealing and re-selling accounts.

On February 7, YouTuber The Fortnite Guy posted a video discussing a 14-year-old named Noah who had evidence that he had been scammed by Kreo while he was under contract with Luminosity.

According to the video, Noah reached out to Kreo in an effort to have the pro boost his account with wins. After doing so, Kreo offered to sell Noah another account with $300 worth of skins for $110. Noah agreed, sending Kreo money over PayPal and handing over the newly boosted account as well. Months later, the login information for the sold account was changed, Noah’s money was not returned, and Kreo eventually stopped responding to requests for reparations.

These allegations were confirmed by The Fortnite Guy by logging into Noah’s Twitter account and searching through his direct message history with Kreo.

After the video went viral, Kreo gave his version of the events in a Twitter post. There he acknowledged that he had misled Noah while selling the account, claiming it was his own when it actually belonged to a friend that eventually sought to reclaim it. He also stated that he and Noah have since made amends. The entirety of that post can be found on Dexerto.

Despite his claim that he has come to an understanding with Noah, Luminosity released a pointed statement on Twitter that confirmed his release from the organization.

Kreo has not yet responded to the announcement of his release, and has set his Twitter account to private. He is not currently registered for any upcoming Fortnite competitions.


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