TimTheTatMan demonstrates one-handed BRUTE dominance

By Melany Moncada


Aug 14, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Streamer Timothy “Timhetatman” Betar is not impressed with the new BRUTE mech in Fornite.

TimTheTatMan showed his disappointment with the newest addition to the game. On stream, he partnered up with other streamers including Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo for a game.

In the game, he came across a BRUTE and showed just how overpowered it is with a wild killing spree that was still anything but exciting.

“It’s so sad, I’m not doing anything. I’m literally playing with one hand and I have 13 kills,” said TimTheTatMan in the clip as he killed two players on his own.

The mech suits are two-person vehicles that were introduced with Season 10. One player handles the movements while the other is in charge of the firing one of the two weapons, the shotgun and the missile launcher. The mech can also be handled by a single player. It has 1,000 health points and can do up to 500 damage every two seconds.

To make things worse, a streamer discovered that it is possible to ride a hoverboard as a mech, drastically increasing its mobility.

TimTheTatMan joins the many thousands of players who are unhappy with the BRUTE mechs. On August 9, players took over Twitter to demand the removal of the BRUTE mechs. #RemoveTheMechs was trending worldwide for several hours. Esports organizations, streamers, and casual players joined forces to get the message through that they want the mechs out of the game.

On Reddit, users called the mechs “unhealthy” and Epic Games’ decision to keep them around “pathetic.” Users specifically mentioned all of the times Epic had removed other weapons for no given reason, while they stubbornly chose to stick to BRUTEs that were clearly unwelcome.

Epic Games has announced they would reduce the mech spawn rates and add a targeting laser that shows the direction the mech suit is aiming the missile launcher. The developer is also looking into the glitch that allows the mech to ride the hoverboard.

It’s not the first time Epic Games faces backlash after an update. Players were recently against the airstrike weapon that was introduced right before the Fortnite World Cup.