This post-plant molotov lineup warrants easy win on Dust 2

By Fariha Bhatti


May 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Dust 2 is all about spraying and praying. But these new post-plant lineups proves that sometimes utility can save the day. 

Dust 2 is a tricky site to take control of, especially if Counter-Terrorists have an AWPer holding long. However, it’s better to tactically move into the A site than die to an SMG close range at the B site. On Dust 2, B site is a lion’s den that should be avoided if you don’t have a proper take planned. 

Once you have A control, it’s best to plant the bomb for A long and hide in pits. Defusal sound cues should allow you to pick off the CT deactivating the package. However, this isn’t easy if you don’t have an AWP on you. A long-range fight with an AK-47 is no cakewalk unless you’re Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.

So, you may want to learn a Molotov lineup for times when you’re stuck at A long with a rifle in a post-plant situation. 

For this lineup, move into the right corner of long, so you’re out of the enemy team’s crosshairs. Aim at the tiny dot near the stairs and place your crosshair in the middle of the crack on the wall and window. Jump and throw the fire. This will land right at the default long plant, burning CT defusing the bomb. 

The fire should finish off the enemy at default due to the enclosed area. Otherwise, the round win is guaranteed if you perfectly time your Molotov at the defuse sound cue. This lineup is perfect for eco rounds when your team’s priority is to plant the bomb and get that cash. Make sure you do complete eco and buy one Molotov.

This Molotov will save the day in case your team manages to turn the round in their favor. Just hide in the pit and wait for the defuse sound cue. 

When did Operation Broken Fang end?

Operation Broken Fang ran from 3 December to 4 May. 

Operation Broken Fang was released as part of CSGO’s annual update. The pass could be bought in-game, and it came with tons of cosmetics, new maps, stickers, agent skins, and other collectible items.

The developer discontinued the past on May 4 but kept the map Ancient as the permanent part of the game. The new map replaced the legendary location Train in the active duty map pool on May 4. 


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