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This one-way smoke trick in CS2 will blow your mind

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 2, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Who said one-ways are not as viable in Counter-Strike 2? This new smoke trick on Nuke would bag you easy kills.

When Valve tore the curtain on 3D smokes, everyone had the same questions: Are one-ways gone forever? To some extent, they did become useless. Unlike previous shape-shifting smokes, the CS2 smokes are solid objects that remain consistent. However, it’s still possible to create new angles and find holes in the CS2 smokes.

A player named Digital CSGO shared an overpowered smoke trick in CS2 map Nuke, which not only keeps the Ts out of A site, it also earns you easy kills.

This smoke trick is for the A site entrance, which is typically a tough area to tackle, especially if enemies are pouring in from all directions. But, since this smoke allows you to hide behind a cover, it becomes much easier to take down the foes. The smoke begins from Mini and lands atop the shutter, creating the perfect one-way window.

To do this, stand behind the blue box, as shown in the video, and then aim toward the roof. Once you have set your crosshair, release the grenade. The smoke will land on top of the entrance, leaving the bottom area clear. Now stand behind the mini box in a way that your lower body is covered. This angle will create a small crevice between the box and the smoke, providing a clear view of the enemies rushing in.

Your perfect positioning will protect you from the enemies rushing in. You may also go all the way back and use this smoke to have a clearer view of their entire lower body. The other side would be blocked completely, rendering them vulnerable.

This smoke trick in CS2 will either force the Ts to change their plan or enter on the back of a flashbang. In both cases, they’d be vulnerable to the well-prepared CTs on the other side.


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