This Nuke boost by tarik is the best crazy play of 2020

By Nick Johnson


Oct 1, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Tarik “tarik” Celek used all four teammates for a Nuke boost to grab a tag on a defender at match point.

Every CSGO player has a trick they pull out at when they’re up 15-14. It has to be a good one, a trick so new or so ancient that it all but guarantees the win. During a recent FACEIT game, tarik pulled out a classic boost that required two attempts and four players but was essential in grabbing the close win.

Nuke’s heaven position is strong, and the pressure of being on match point can make it even harder to overcome. With Evil Geniuses ranked number one in the world, tarik had better have something up his sleeve for these situations. And he did. Tarik pulled off a boost that was just old enough that everyone’s forgotten about it that had a major impact at the end of the round. 

tarik’s nuke boost shows how CSGO plays effect entire rounds

It’s also a pain to set up. tarik used a runboost from one teammate to end up on top of two others, creating a triple boost that could see from the lobby roof into heaven. After a second, tarik caught TrimsV and took a solid shot, legging the defender before falling off from the boost. It turns out that the tag would be an important part of how the game ended.

The attacking team quickly turned the surprise boost into a secret wrap and managed to plant the bomb on Nuke’s B site with less than ten seconds left in the round. But an aggressive CT retake and a missed AWP shot from tarik caught the T’s off guard. The match ended in a one-versus-one between the CT’s top fragger TrimiDzn and ESEA Main competitor Jynxx. That is when tarik’s boost finally paid off. 

It turns out that TrimiDzn was the player tarik hit in heaven off the initial boost, and since Jynxx didn’t score a headshot to get the kill, a boost when the timer read 1:30 was a huge part of the final kill for the win nearly two minutes later.

Innovating in CSGO is tough given the game’s age, so sometimes players have to pull out something from history to make an impact. With Jake “Stewie2k” Yip egging him on, tarik did just that.


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