This new tool is basically a legal maphack for CSGO

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Most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players sneer in disgust at maphacks, but a new tool will give every player a similar edge without technically cheating. is creating a new resource for CSGO players that might provide a significant advantage. The new paid program is called Prematch, and will search enemy accounts to automatically analyze replays and determine where on the map enemy players are most likely to be playing. This would give players using the program a distinct advantage over unsuspecting opponents. Does a program like this raise the skill ceiling for CSGO, or is this just a legal maphack? is a CSGO stats and analysis company. This new project could be the most direct method yet of raising your win rate. By using public information, Prematch can indicate your enemies’ average push timing, movement patterns, and preferred positions to hold on the CT side. What’s more Prematch is already available from The subscription service costs $75.90 for a year or $7.99 monthly. Prematch predicts where enemy CT players hold in CSGO

The info available from Prematch is potentially highly valuable, but should such a thing even be legal in CSGO?

At the start of each FACEIT game, the Prematch tool automatically scans the enemy players replays to learn how they play. The most prominent info is their preferred starting positions on CT, which it can determine on a map-by-map basis. By learning enemy placements on pistol rounds, players can rush sites much more reliably. It will also keep track of when they like to push and what weapons they prefer to buy.

All of the information is completely public, as FACEIT match data is free for anyone to download. In theory, a player could learn this information without even using Prematch. But five matches for five players at an hour each would take many hours to thoroughly analyze, requiring some serious dedication.

It’s worth noting that similar tools do exist in other Valve games. Stratz+ allows Dota 2 players to learn their opponent’s tendencies at the click of a button. Valve has previously attempted to stop such programs, but developers have often remained one step ahead of Valve. 

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So is Prematch fair, or is it really a legal maphack for CSGO? An official statement from product manager Alexander Isaev argues that it’s ultimately better for the health of the game.

“With the help of Prematch, players understand the game better, adapt to enemy play styles, choose appropriate grenade throws, crosshair positioning and overall round tactics,” Isaev said.

From’s perspective, this allows CSGO players to elevate their gameplay closer to what pros experience. Few have the time to review matches for FACEIT games, but there’s nothing stopping them in theory. As programs like Prematch grow in popularity, players who abstain from using these tools could be at a significant disadvantage.


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