Dust 2

This new pistol strat in CSGO will blow your mind

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

This new pistol strat is proof that CSGO players are the most creative of them of all.

Valve is brewing Counter-Strike 2 on the side, and those still waiting on CS2 access are having fun with good old Global Offensive, a game that refuses to show signs of aging. Clever players continue finding new tricks and strats, keeping the game fresh as ever.

In a competitve game against popular streamer and retired pro Mohamad “m0E” Assad, a player pulled off a hilarious trick, leaving the entire lobby in shock. To pull off this pistol strat in CSGO, one teammate must put their head on the line, but the results are worth the risk.

On Dust 2’s A-site ramp, a CT player jumped on top of the vehicle, crouching in a way that his lower body framed the A-long cut. This position created a safe angle for the player behind the car, who had sort of a second crosshair to pick off players towards A-long. Besides serving as a strategical frame, the crouched player also blocked the view of the Ts, who could take out the original shooter.

Now, the simple solution would be to instantly shoot the croucher. But, the enemies were too confused to react right away. When they finally figured it out, three players were already dead. Moe, who was one of the victims, was absolutely in shock as well.

“Oh, my God! What is he doing? What is that? He’s shooting us between his legs. What?” Moe screamed.

The Ts finally shot the croucher, who protected the teammate, but CTs still won the round, thanks to the incredible strat. Now, it may same easy to pull on paper, but the duo likely did plenty of practice to find the perfect crouching angle. Moreover, crouching with your back to the enemy requires valor and patience as well.

In any case, this pistol strat surely goes down in history as one of the most bizarre CSGO tricks.


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