one-way smoke on Dust

This new one-way smoke on Dust 2 lets you easily hold B site

By Fariha Bhatti


May 19, 2022

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Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but even the wildest tricks can get repetitive. Thankfully, new tricks like this one-way smoke to deal with tunnels keep Dust 2 feeling fresh. 

Valve continues to shuffle active duty maps in CSGO, but a few remain constant. CSGO and Mirage are the two maps that players love to spam-queue, making them the hardest to win as well. All sorts of tactics and strategies have been discovered and mastered in these locations. Winning maps on Dust 2 is a tall order because there are many players that master specific angles and refuse to do anything else. 

Thankfully, new utility lineups keep these maps fresh and offer an answer to some of these players. For example, the enemy may set up for a simple A short molotov, but a one-way smoke may throw them off. It’s recommended to keep whipping up new techs in order to win games on the same old map. This new one-way smoke on Dust 2’s B site is an excellent example. 

How to do one-way smoke on Dust 2 B site?

This new smoke creates a one-way angle for the Counter-Terrorist to defend the site and get kills. Here’s how to do it:

For this smoke, walk back and place your crosshair along the right corner where the two boxes meet near tunnels. Though players can’t actually walk on that area, there’s enough space for the grenade to land if thrown properly. The grenade will get stuck between the boxes, creating a perfect one-way for the CT side.

Enemies rushing in from tunnels won’t expect a smoke like this. Consequently, they will be visible under the smoke, ensuring easy kills. Pair it with a molotov to tenderize enemies in advance. 

Instead of a simple smoke that is easy to counter, try this new one-way that tricks enemies into your crosshair. The small space on the bottom of the smoke allows a clear view of the terrorists’ locations, making it easy for you to take them down. T-side players often expect an incendiary followed by smoke, but that setup is rarely ever viable. 

Is Dust 2 a CT-sided map? 

Dust 2 is not a CT-sided map.

Generally speaking, Dust 2 is one of the more balanced CSGO maps. Whoever has the best shooting skills wins. However, it is ranked as one of the least CT-sided maps of 2021 by win rate. The defensive side won only 47.4% of matches, technically making it a T-sided map. 


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