C4 bug on Nuke

This new C4 bug is ruining CSGO matchmaking on Nuke

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A C4 bug on Nuke has presented a new opportunity for trolls to throw their competitive games in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

CSGO has plenty of bugs, but dedicated players have learned how to work around them. High-ranked players often avoid exploiting bugs for the sake of integrity, knowing that some of the bugs will get fixed soon. Conversely, trolls have played a key role in chasing away serious players from official matchmaking. Bugs and trolls combined are a recipe for disaster in CSGO, which can be seen of late on Nuke

Trolls in CSGO have dug up a new Nuke bug that can be game-breaking when exploited. The bomb carrier can make the C4 disappear into the complex layout of the industrial map. 

c4 bug

What’s the C4 bug on Nuke? 

T players can make the C4 disappear, exploiting this bugged spot on Nuke. While this bug requires a complex lineup, stubborn trolls will go to any length to throw the game. 

The new C4 bug on Nuke can be highly deadly for the Ts if they end up with a toxic teammate who spawns with the package. Using this exploit, a T-side player can place the C4 in an unreachable spot beneath a lamp post near spawn. This can almost certainly guarantee a lost round for a team.

Despite reports that the bug is fixed, WIN.gg confirmed it remains in the game after some testing. The bomb remains visible on the mini-map, but is impossible to view or pick up in the game. The C4 remained out of reach, deep inside Nuke. 

This bug isn’t anything to worry about if a team is positive and working together. Which is to say, it is highly problematic in CSGO matchmaking. Valve needs to be patch this up before long.