This new bug lets you proc Jayce’s Q twice in a row

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

If Jayce wasn’t already a monster at poking, a new bug in League of Legends will surely turn him into one. 

Through a recent bug discovered on the current patch 11.8, Jayce is able to proc the damage of his Shock Blast (Q) twice. This mechanic doesn’t look to be intentional, as it can potentially be abused in solo queue and give Jayce an unfair advantage. The bug occurs when combining the Shock Blast with Acceleration Gate (E) when Jayce is in his ranged form. Placing the Acceleration Gate perfectly on top of the enemy will have the Shock Blast proc its usual damage and the empowered damage from Acceleration Gate.  

To pull off this combo with the bug, Jayce has to be fairly close to the target. If within short range, Jayce can put Acceleration Gate right on top of the enemy and fire Shock Blast immediately after. This combo is very common on Jayce to pull off his poke, but it’s usually done from afar. With this new bug, it’s possible that some players would try to place the combo upfront to get the extra damage to proc. 

This new Jayce bug isn’t the only thing discovered in the most recent patch. With a lot of changes set for patch 11.8, it seems that different weird bugs have been triggered. One of them being in ARAM where two similar champions have been seen on the same team.   

The patch also came with a game-changing bug on Nunu, which allowed him to jump over certain walls when casting Biggest Snowball Ever! (W). This bug was game-breaking enough for Riot to act quickly and have it fixed in just a few hours.  

It’s possible that other game-breaking bugs are hidden on the current patch, but hopefully Riot will get everything fixed for patch 11.9 which is the patch the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational will be played on. 


Is Jayce AP or AD in LoL?

Jayce is an attack-damage-based champion with only very little magic damage in his kit. Jayce is always built with attack-damage items in mind such as Eclipse, Manamune, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, and others. Jayce has AD scaling on his two main abilities, with a bit of AP scaling on his Lightning Field (W). The small AP scaling isn’t enough to consider building Jayce with ability-power items.