This weird ARAM bug might give your team the same champion twice

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A new bug in League of Legends ARAM provides a chance of having two similar champions on the same team during a game. 

This was recently discovered and reported by YouTuber Vandiril, who could show clips from a match where Varus was on the team twice in an ARAM game. Ever since the release of ARAM in 2012, it has not been possible to have the same champions twice in a game and especially not in the same team. With this new bug, players could potentially experience a very unique game of ARAM until the bug is officially fixed.  

What causes the bug remains unknown but likely has to do with some changes in patch 11.8. As in most LoL patches, Riot makes changes to ARAM as well. For patch 11.8, Riot made a few VFX updates and general balance changes. The changes for the patch are overall minor and shouldn’t create new bugs, but somehow it was triggered anyway. 

Aside from the game with two Varus’ on the same team, another game with two similar champions has also been reported. This one was a game where Teemo was placed on the same team twice on the Brazilian server, very similar to the Varus incident.

The bug happens only a few weeks after Riot released an Ask Riot blog about ARAM and if the picks in the game mode really are random. In this post, Riot explains that the ARAM champion select works with a service called TeamBuilder. The TeamBuilder knows which champions every player has rerolled, what’s on the bench, and what is already picked. In this way, TeamBuilder prevents any player from rolling the same champion. 

“It is impossible for two players to, say, reroll the same champion at the same time,” Riot said. “TeamBuilder will carefully process one reroll, then the other.”

It’s expected that this ARAM bug will be hotfixed as soon as possible since it’s clearly not intentional that the same champion can appear twice in ARAM. 


Is ARAM good for beginners? 

ARAM is a very beginner-friendly game mode as the competitive level is usually lower than on Summoner’s Rift. ARAM allows players to try out new champions and get practice in basic fighting mechanics. What ARAM won’t help with is the experience of playing the Summoner’s Rift map, so practicing ARAM as a new player will only be to improve mechanics and learn new champions. 

Is every champion in ARAM?

Every League of Legends champion in the game can be played in ARAM. In ARAM, a random champion is given to each player based on the player’s owned champions. It will also be possible to get champions that you don’t own through the free-to-play pool. The only way to play every champion in ARAM is by owning every single one. 


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