This new AI wants to teach you how to play Counter-Strike

By Nick Johnson


Jul 4, 2020

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There is a brand new tutor looking to bring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players to the next level. And it’s an AI.

The new add-on, called Tip Genius, gives players recommendations for flashes, smokes, and positioning based on the player’s current in-game situation, making it one of the most innovative additions to CSGO since players started making their own practice maps for the popular first-person shooter. talked to the add-on’s creator, Ben Mesnik, about the process of creating the unique addition to the game, the first of its kind for CSGO.

While some tip applications have the capability of reviewing demos and then providing different options players could have taken, Tip Genius actually runs while the user plays CSGO, acting as a live coach for the popular game.

“I found myself watching YouTube videos like “10 tips on how to improve at CSGO,” and each one was overloaded with tips. By the time I was back playing the game, I had already forgotten most of them,” Mesnik said.

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Tip Genius might be a game-changer for CSGO players. The add-on shows a quick five-to-ten second clip after a player dies that showcases a tip specific to the place and situation in which the player died, providing immediate feedback around the circumstance. Players are much more likely to remember a tip if they’re shown it right after a given play where they could have made use of it, so Tip Genius may be the next big thing for players trying to improve in CSGO.

Even better, the add-on actively works as one plays the game. There’s no need for users to download and upload demos to get the tips they need.

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Unfortunately, CSGO’s most recent beta patch that restricted third-party add-ons means that TipGenius won’t work with CSGO’s current beta branch. But Mesnick said that since the add-on is being published through reputable website Overwolf, he’s confident that Valve will grant it the signed authentication it needs to work with the current version of CSGO. Overwolf most recently purchased the popular mod repository CurseForge from Twitch, so there’s a good chance that TipGenius will get the green light from Valve. 

Players who want to know more about TipGenius can check out its mod page over on Overwolf.


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