New VALORANT agent?

This mysterious pig may be hinting at a new Valorant agent

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Some cute animals hanging out on a Valorant card may be hinting at a new agent. Or is it just another returning agent in disguise? 

Banners in Valorant aren’t just for decoration. Developer Riot Games often hides cheeky hints about new agents, maps, and reworks in these cards. Many cards drop clues about Valorant lore to help players better understand their favorite agents. The community has created its own Valorant storylines based on these cards and banners. 

This latest Valorant banner has caught the eyes of curious fans. Animals hanging around wearing familiar kits has Deep Struggl3s confused. The player says that one of the four characters seems strange. Is it a hint for a new agent? 

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Is this new Valorant card hinting at the new agent?

The banner includes:

  • A Penguin in Killjoy hat.
  • A squirrel with Raze’s nade.
  • Rabbit with Jett’s dagger.
  • A pig.

Players think the pig doesn’t look like any existing Valorant agent, so it’s likely a hint for the next agent. But that may not be the case. The cute pig could just be Skye hanging with her buddies in a recreational room. The animal has forest-green hooves and a tiny bird resting on its arm. All of these elements potentially point to Skye, who loves green and has a flasher hawk. The wild agent rarely ever appears with other Valorant agents, which might be why no one is catching these hints. 

However, Valorant developers say that the card isn’t that deep, and that the animals may not even be representing the game’s characters. Once player curiosity reached fever pitch, Riot employee Preeti responded that the pig is named Theo and is a regular part of Valorant’s animal protocol. The rest of the characters are also regular tactiplushies scattered around Valorant maps. In this card, the animals are just imitating the agents by wearing their kits and toying with dangerous equipment. 

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Despite the assurances from a Riot employee, some players remain suspicious. Given Riot’s history of hiding new information in Valorant’s cards and banners, it’s easy to see why. It may be some time before we know for sure whether there’s anything more to this latest banner.

Who’s Theo the flying pig in Valorant? 

Theo is an old Valorant animal who escaped Ascent when it was destroyed by a Radianite explosion. The cute pig has previously appeared in Valorant cards in which he can be seen flying away from the destruction. The card was titled “pigs may fly.” He’s reappeared in the current card with other Valorant characters, proving that he’s safe and has since reunited with his animal buddies.