This is why the Dual Berettas are still the worst weapon in CSGO

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a fairly serious tactical shooter, so it’s no surprise that the game’s akimbo pistols are the worst weapon in the tactical title.

All of CSGO’s sidearms have clear strengths and weaknesses. The Desert Eagle can kill in a single hit, but has massive recoil. The TEC-9 is the king of run-and-gun, but struggles to connect at range. The Dual Berettas’ biggest upside is its double magazine, but that small perk comes at the expense of effective damage, armor penetration, and accuracy.

Despite their remarkably high 38 base damage, the Dual Berettas’ abysmal armor penetration and erratic recoil make them the least-used pistols in CSGO by a considerable margin. The only times you see pro CSGO players buying Dual Berettas is when they’re trolling their opponents. 

The Dual Berettas first appeared in Counter-Strike 1.6 where they functioned similarly to the modern TEC-9. The Berettas could only be purchased by terrorists while the counter-terrorists could get the Five-seveN instead. The original game is also where the “duallies” got their popular nickname. In the move to CSGO, nearly all of the game’s pistols received substantial buffs. The Dual Berettas are a notable exception. 

Let’s compare the Dual Berettas to the Five-seveN, the gold standard for CSGO pistols. 

Dual Berettas Stats

  • 152 headshot damage
  • 57.5% armor penetration
  • 17.6 meter accurate range
  • $400 price

Five-seveN Stats

  • 126 headshot damage
  • 91.15% armor penetration
  • 14 meter accurate range
  • $500 price

While the Five-seveN has less overall damage, its high armor penetration lets it one-tap armored opponents at close range. The Duallies can only deal 86 damage at the very most, even from point-blank range. That one difference makes the Five-seveN an incredible eco option while the Dual Berettas are nearly worthless. Any player will gladly spend the extra $100.

The one scenario where the Dual Berettas shine is against unarmored opponents. The guns do significantly more damage than the Five-seveN when armor is removed from the equation. They could be used as an extremely cheap anti-eco option for a player who won a pistol round but died in the process. But the $300 kill reward is just half that of most submachine guns, meaning that success with the weapon gives fewer rewards.

That begs the question of why the Dual Berettas are even an option in CSGO. With a bit more armor penetration they could maybe stand even with the TEC-9 as a lightweight bullet hose. For now, they continue to be ignored by most CSGO players. But if the Duallies weren’t available on the buy menu, how else would pro teams troll each other?


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