This is why Disguised Toast decided to leave Twitter

By Olivia Richman


Jul 29, 2021

Reading time: 1 min

Fans were surprised to see content creator Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang leave Twitter. But is it for good? And why is Disguised Toast leaving? 

But before leaving Twitter, Disguised Toast released a video that shared his reasonings behind his avoiding the popular social media app. Dsguised Toast said that the app is “not good for my mental health.” 

Disguised Toast said that the decision was difficult because Twitter is admittedly a good platform for gamers. He said that “every gamer/streamer is on Twitter.” This is part of why it’s been so hard for Disguised Toast to leave the app.

The other reason why he found it hard to leave? The streamer admitted that he was “desperate for any attention and recognition.” 

Twitter can be a pretty addictive app for many people, especially given how short all of the tweets are. It’s easy to scroll through and see a bunch of quick thoughts as well as a quick hit of esports and gaming news. Disguised Toast said that he is addicted to the dopamine he gets when “people are talking to me.” 

“I need to stop, I need to figure out a way to use Twitter in a way that’s healthy, that’s not just me scrolling through the timeline seeing all this bullshit,” Disguised Toast said.

Did Disguised Toast delete his Twitter?

After announcing his need for a Twitter break, Disguised Toast finally followed through. Fans noticed that he was completely off the platform, but he did not delete his Twitter account. Disguised Toast removed his profile picture and banner. The account is still active, however, showing that Disguised Toast has 1.4 million followers. 

Disguised Toast has not made any further statements on his decision to leave Twitter. It’s unclear how long he plans to stay away from the social media platform. For now, Disguised Toast is still on Twitch, interacting with fans during his broadcasts. That’s his “dopamine” alternative while he stays away from Twitter.