jump higher in CSGO

This is the easiest way to jump higher in CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 24, 2022

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Have you ever noticed how professional players swiftly hop from one elevated area to another? Here’s how to jump higher in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without complex movement tactics. 

CSGO is all about aim and communication, but smooth movement can help escape risky situations. For example, bunny hopping can help you reach safety faster when you’re mid-fight on low health. CSGO’s regular jump may hold you back from taking enemies by surprise so use this higher jump mechanic to reach elevated boxes. 

How to jump higher in CSGO

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Jumping on tall boxes, bridges, and windows doesn’t require complex key combinations. All you have to do is crouch and then press jump to reach higher areas. 

Mirage’s mid-window to railing jump is a tough one, but this crouch tactic will allow you to execute it smoothly. Stand on the edge of the AWPer’s den and hold the crouch key. Press the jump key as soon as you crouch to reach the railing. With some practice, you’d be able to carry out this movement while running and walking. Set a jump crouch bind if you find it tough to press the keys simultaneously. Here’s how.

Press the tilde ~ key and type this command in your console to set your jump and crouch on a single key. Make sure it’s not a space bar or control key (default jump and crouch). Check it out:

  • alias +duckjump “+jump; +duck”; alias -duckjump “-jump; -duck”; bind “F” “+duckjump”

Add your preferred key, for example, F. 

Pressing F instead of space will activate the higher jump, allowing you to hop onto tall boxes. This jump lets you get on top of Mirage’s firebox, multiple boxes on Cache and Inferno. If you’re playing serious ranked games, you may want to add this command to your CFG. This particular key also helps with rare smoke lineups that require crouch-jump throw. These complex lineups can be made easy by creating a bind. 

How to see your FPS in CSGO?

Tracking your FPS in CSGO is crucial to having a smooth gaming experience by fixing the issues instantly. Open the console and enter cl_showfps 1. Press enter and get back into the game. Your FPS should appear at the bottom of the screen. 


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