This is the best Tsareena build in Pokemon Unite

By Steven Rondina


Dec 10, 2021

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Tsareena is the latest addition to the Pokemon Unite roster, and building her up is a somewhat tricky endeavor. But with a few tips, you can take the game by storm with this newest addition to the Pokemon Unite Roster.

The hard-kicking Pokemon excels in single combat and stands as something of a counter to Lucario. In high-level Pokemon Unite games, the mid-game typically sees four players from each team battle over objectives while one other member of each team farms solo. Tsareena seems to be tailor-made to disrupt that meta by outpacing opponents in one-on-one situations while still being somewhat vulnerable in the early game and in team fights.

Of course, most players aren’t going to be in high-level games with teammates and Tsareena can reasonably be used both in the lane and in the jungle. Here’s a strong catch-all build that lets her hang in every situation.

How to build Tsareena in Pokemon Unite

The build Tsareena in Pokemon Unite uses Grassy Glide and Triple Axel with items that amplify her damage while giving her a bit of extra tankiness. 

Tsareena has good burst damage, but is quite fragile itself. A proper build and itemization for Tsareena sets her up to nuke enemy players in the mid-game while still being ready to make an impact once the team starts making the push for Zapdos. 

Rapid Spin

Rapid Spin is the preferred starting move for those who are starting in the lanes while Razor Leaf is better for those starting in the jungle. Both have their uses, but the extra mobility from Rapid Spin is helpful when laning while the higher DPS from Razor Leaf is better if jungling. Neither is a poor choice, but one can be better than the other depending on the situation.

Triple Axel

Triple Axel is a strong move, dealing three instances of AOE damage while giving Tsareena an extra bit of mobility. It’s preferred to Stomp for a few different reasons, foremost among them that Tsareena ideally doesn’t need a stun in order to cleanly handle enemies. Triple Axel is the perfect attack for Tsareena, so fans ought not try and make her into something she’s not with the CC of Stomp.

Grassy Glide

Grassy Glide is key for Tsareena in terms of isolating and picking off enemy players. The move sees Tsareena blink forward and knock back enemy units. It’s the perfect move for keeping players from retreating into their goal, and it’s better than the more generic Trop Kick which lets Tsareena dash and bash enemies.

Tsareena Unite Move

Tsareena’s Unite Move, Queen Ascendent, knocks an enemy into the air, slaps them around, spikes them back into the ground to deal AOE damage, and heals Tsareena. This Unite Move is a big departure from the many ultimate abilities focusing on AOE damage and stuns that most Pokemon have, but it fits Tsareena’s kit well.

Best Pokemon Unite items for Tsareena

  • Razor Claw
  • Buddy Barrier
  • Scope Lens
  • Escape Button

As mentioned, Tsareena is best served with a combination of damage items and items that bulk her up. Razor Claw and Buddy Barrier are the backbone of this composition. Tsareena is a Pokemon that is most valuable thanks to her moves, and Razor Claw makes those abilities even better. Buddy Barrier helps cover for Tsareena’s frailty in team fights by letting her run wild in team fights after using her Unite Move.

The final item is interchangeable. Scope Lens gives Tsareena more and better crits for extra DPS, but the combination of Focus Band and her Queenly Majesty passive give her excellent sustain. Solo queue players will likely prefer Scope Lens, while players in organized teams will likely get more value from Focus Band.

Eject Button is great on every Pokemon and is suitable for Tsareena as well. It’s an extra bit of mobility that helps both offensively and defensively.


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