This is the best Prophet build for new Elden Ring players

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 28, 2022

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The Prophet starting class is a great choice in Elden Ring, but early weapon upgrades and a focused build are an absolute must.

The faith stat has come a long way since its humble origins in Dark Souls. It was originally entirely defensive with only a scant few offensive spells or buffs. Now in Elden Ring, the faith-centered starting class Prophet gets pyromancies and healing right from the start. If you’re looking to preach justice throughout the Lands Between, here’s everything you need to know about Elden Ring’s Prophet.

Are Prophets a good starting class for Elden Ring?

Great stats and powerful spells make Prophet a generally strong Elden Ring starting class, but the class has lackluster equipment that needs replacing as soon as possible.

Heal and Catch Flame provide a ton of options in a fight, and the Finger Seal is a solid casting tool for most of the early game. Players who are new to FromSoftware games will definitely appreciate the extra healing. 10 dexterity and 11 strength grants access to many early weapons, and 14 mind is plenty of ammo for blessings and pyromancies.

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While the Bandit is well suited for dexterity and faith, the Prophet is essentially the opposite with faith and strength. This pushes them towards a slower, but more damaging play style. Prophet’s starting spear can easily be swapped out for Elden Ring’s bigger weapons like greatswords and hammers. 

The best Prophet build in Elden Ring

Prophet starts with a pretty solid stat spread, but relatively low endurance is a major weak spot.

Stamina and equipment load are both important for wielding heavier strength weapons. Pumping a few early levels into endurance is good, followed by a few more points in strength. The best early Prophet weapon upgrade requires 16 strength. After reaching that threshold, focus on vigor and strength with later points in faith to bolster incantations.

The Prophet’s weakest trait is a mediocre starting weapon and armor. Luckily for faith fans, this problem is easy to solve thanks to decent starting stats. With just a few levels into strength, the clerical class gets access to a bunch of valuable equipment. 

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For a good Prophet starting weapon, head to the Gatefront Ruins north of the starting area. One of the carriages contains a treasure chest with a Lordsworn’s Greatsword inside. The Tree-And-Beast armor set is fairly easy to farm from the same area, plus the enemies drop valuable Smithing Stones to upgrade that greatsword. 

Where to find the first incantation teacher

The earliest incantation teacher for most players will be Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold.

Prophet starts with two fairly powerful incantations in Heal and Catch Flame, but anyone putting points into faith will want more to play with. Luckily, the first incantation teacher is almost impossible to miss.

Once Melina offers access to Elden Ring’s home base, Roundtable Hold, there’s a fellow prophet to be found right in the first room. Brother Corhyn will teach powerful incantations in exchange for runes. His starting inventory includes several healing spells and a few more pyromancies.

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To expand Corhyn’s available goods, players should look for prayer books scattered throughout the Lands Between. If the player has some Swordstone Keys to spare, one can be found right in Roundtable Hold. Head to Master Smith Hewg’s room and go down the stairs to find a locked door. Use a Swordstone Key on the gargoyle statue to open a door, and then another on an additional locked door. The second room contains a chest with the Assassin’s Prayerbook. Give it to Corhyn to learn stealthy skills like Assassin’s Approach and Darkness.


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