This is how your PC setup is lowering your FPS

By Melany Moncada


Dec 3, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Even if your gaming hardware is right on the cutting edge, there are still some technical problems that could be lowering your in-game FPS.

Having a fancy graphics card and expensive CPU doesn’t always guarantee good performance in games. The entire PC needs to be set up properly in order to perform at the optimal level. There are several graphical mishaps, but low FPS is one of the common and frustrating pitfalls. Here’s how Vsync and multi-monitor setups may be impacting your computer’s performance.

Is Vsync lowering your FPS?

Vertical synchronization, or VSync, synchronizes the image frame rate of the game with the display monitor. It helps if the monitor’s frame rate cannot keep up with the game, causing it to limit the maximum FPS. It means that the experience will be smoother because VSync finds a point where both the game and monitor match. To accomplish this match, VSync can intentionally lower the FPS of your game.

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VSync won’t increase the resolution, brightness, or color of the images. These improvements are only possible with a hardware change.

Does dual monitors lower FPS?

Using two monitors could affect the FPS if it is setup up to extend the display. It means that if you run the game on two screens, the FPS will decrease significantly because both monitors will have to render more frames. Simply put, the graphic card is doing double the work. If the game is limited to one monitor, despite there being two, the FPS will remain the same.

If, after setting up the PC with these factors in mind, you still experience a drop in FPS, it is time to look into the game. Games have resolution settings, and some even allow players to limit FPS from the options menu. Decreasing the resolution in the game will affect the graphics, but it will improve the performance.