How to change mouse sensitivity in any game using DPI

By Melany Moncada


Nov 27, 2022

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Small details in your gaming setup can affect your in-game performance. One of the often overlooked details is mouse sensitivity. The concept sounds complex, but it is surprising how easy it is to change the mouse sensitivity in any game.

The sensitivity of a mouse is measured in dots per linear inch, or DPI. When you change the DPI, it changes the pointer’s speed. The DPI is changed to improve performance in activities like gaming and photo editing. A higher DPI means a higher mouse sensitivity, meaning that the same distance on the screen can be traveled with less mouse movement.

There are two ways to change DPI. The first one is by using the dedicated buttons on your mouse. Most gaming mice have a button to increase or decrease the DPI on the spot. It is usually placed below the scroll wheel, it could be a single button or two.

If you are not using a mouse with these buttons, you can change the configuration on your PC. Go to Settings, there you will find the Devices section, click and go to Mouse. You can change the DPI as you wish.

What is a good mouse sensitivity for gaming?

The best mouse sensitivity for gaming depends on what type of game you’re playing. Between 1,000 DPI and 1,600 DPI is the best for MMOs and RPG games, since the camera movement needs to be faster while aiming is not as precise. Between 400 DPI and 1,000 DPI is best for FPS games where accuracy and aiming are most important. For a MOBA, between 400 DPI and 800 DPI is generally considered ideal.

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If you cannot change the DPI using your mouse or you are lost when it comes to the settings, try it through the game. Many games allow players to change the mouse speed. It mayhas a different name, but it follows the same principle.


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