This is how you can still get your Operation Broken Fang coin

By Nick Johnson


Apr 6, 2021

Reading time: 6 min

There’s only so much time left for players to get the stars they need before Operation Broken Fang ends. Here’s how to quickly finish up the operation’s missions.

After nearly five months, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are about to say goodbye to Operation Broken Fang. Players only have so much time to finish up its remaining missions, spend their stars, and grab the battle pass’ prized golden coin. But with so much content available, some players haven’t finished the requirements to get their coin just yet. Here’s a list of each week’s missions to complete to finish Broken Fang on time.

Best order to finish CSGO’s Broken Fang missions before it ends

Broken Fang’s mission layout is pretty simple, but the operation doesn’t do a great job of explaining how many stars are needed to get the pass’ coveted coins. Players start of with Broken Fang’s bronze coin and receive a new coin with every 34 stars they earn. In order to completely finish Broken Fang, players will have to complete every single mission from each week before they get their diamond coin. But since that’s a tough thing to do with just one month remaining, we’ve broken down the best order for players to complete Broken Fang’s missions to grab the golden coin instead.

Here are the numbers of stars players will have to reach to upgrade their coins.

  • Silver Coin: 33 Stars
  • Gold Coin:  66 Stars
  • Diamond Coin : 100 Stars

Broken Fang’s coin cap explained

Each week has a limit to how many stars players can earn, but every week also has more stars than its cap. For example, week one will only award 10 total stars towards the operation’s golden coin, but players can earn a total of 19 stars to spend in the operation shop. That means that players only have to complete enough missions to cap out for the week. Any other stars are just a nice bonus.

Here’s the mission list for week one, where the cap is 10 stars:

Week 1: Start Your Engines

  • Premium Unleaded: 3 Stars
  • Manual Transmission: 3 Stars
  • Ice & Snow, Take it Slow:3 Stars
  • Mass Production: 2 Stars
  • Clutch Control: 3 Stars
  • Warming Up: 3 Stars
  • Under the Hood: 2 Stars

Since CSGO won’t award players stars until they’ve finished the match, there is a general rule that any casual or competitive missions will take players the longest to finish. By focusing on deathmatch and guardian missions, players can finish each week quickly. In the middle are retake and Danger Zone missions. Depending on the mission type, these two game modes can take as much time as casual or as little as Guardian. So for week one, player would complete the following missions to cap out at 10 stars:

  • Under the Hood: 2 Stars
  • Mass Production: 2 Stars
  • Clutch Control: 3 Stars
  • Warming Up: 3 Stars

Week one is the only week that requires 10 stars to cap, so it’s the most involved week of play. The rest of Broken Fang’s 15 missions require only six stars to cap.

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Broken Fang’s mission order to finish quickly

If players have a friend they can bring along, it makes Broken Fang’s last-minute grind much easier if they want to finish quickly. The operation’s guardian missions can only be completed with a second player, meaning that they either bring along a partner or spend time trying to grab one from CSGO’s looking for group option. Broken Fang’s two cooperative Strike Missions, week one’s Under the Hood and week 16’s “Lasting Impression,” should be played regardless. They’re a ton of fun and showcase some of the best cooperative gameplay CSGO has to offer.

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Week 2: Moon Shot

  • Low Earth Orbit – Get pistol kills in Retakes
  • Houston We Have a Problem – Get kills with all 10 pistols in Guardian: Apollo
  • (1 Star) The Deagle has Landed – Get Desert Eagle kills in Casual: Hostage 

Week 3: Rangfinder

  • Scope the Competition: Get kills with snipers in Arms Race
  • Through the Looking Glass: Get 20 kills with any sniper rifle in Guardian: Train
  • (1 Star) Keep Your Distance: Get kills at a range of at least 10m in Deathmatch group Delta

Week 4: Full-Time Job

  • Spend it All in One Place: Get 20 kills with M249 in Guardian: Inferno
  • Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Earn Money in Defusal group Delta

Week 5: Sleight of Hand

  • Pickpocket: Select an enemy card in retakes
  • Smoke ShowL Get 25 Kills in Guardian: Mirage
  • (1 Star) Keep Your Secrets: Detonate smoke grenades at specific points in Casual: Nuke

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Week 6: World Tour

  • Home Sweet Home – Get kills in Demolition
  • Don’t Let Me Down – Get 20 kills with terrorist weapons in Guardian: Vertigo
  • (1 Star)  Reek is Dead – Win rounds in Wingman: Vertigo

Week 7: Improvise

  • …And you Enemies Closer – Get SMG kills in Arms Race
  • When In Doubt, Use More Bullets – Get 20 SMG kills in Guardian: Nuke
  • (1 Star) Keep Your Friends Close – Get SMG Kills in Defusal Group: Delta

Week 8: Welcome to the Jungle

  • You’re the Best Around: Select an MVP card in Retakes
  • If it Bleeds, We Can Kill It: Get 20 shotgun kills in Guardian: Ancient
  • (1 Star) Going Commando: Apply graffiti at specific locations in Casual Ancient

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Week 9: Keep Your Eyes Open

  • Never Saw It Coming – Blind enemies with flashbangs in Retakes
  • Evade Destruction – Get 25 headshot kills with the AUG in Guardian: Overpass
  • (1 Star) Deface Off – Apply graffiti at specific locations in Casual: Dust 2

Week 10: Near Sighted

  • Eye of the Storm – Get kills at a range of closer than 10m in Deathmatch: Dust 2
  • Keep them Coming – Get 20 kills at a range closer than 10m in Guardian: Dust 2
  • (1 Star) Strike Early and Strike Often – Get kills in Demolition

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Week 11: One Track Mind

  • One Track Mind – Get headshot kills in Deathmatch: Train
  • The Inside Track – Get 25 kills in Guardian: Train
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks – Get Heavy Weapon kills in Casual: Defusal Group Delta

Week 12: Delirium

  • Deja Vu – Get 15 SSG08 Kills in Guardian: Dust 2
  • The Enemy of My Enemy is a Chiken: Kill chickens in Deathmatch: Dust 2
  • (1 Star) Fever Dream – Get kills in Flying Scoutsman

Week 13: Veritglobals

  • Who Needs Practice? – Get kills in Retakes
  • Sky High – Get 15 Mag-7 kills in Guardian: Vertigo
  • (1 Star) Living Life with Guardrails – Win rounds in Wingman: Vertigo

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Week 14: Turf War

  • Expanding Influence – Win rounds in Wingman: Guard
  • Hornet’s Nest – Get 20 kills with enemy weapons in Guardian: Mirage
  • (1 Star)  Deadlock – Get kills from specific locations in Deathmatch: Dust 2

Week 15: Spare No Expense

  • Finders Keepers: Spend money in Danger Zone
  • Get 25 kills in Guardian: Engage
  • (1 Star) Equal Share: Score points with the bonus weapon in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Sigma

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Week 16: Ancient Danger

  • A Lasting Impression: Complete the cooperative strike mission
  • Lost and Found: Win rounds in Retakes
  • (1 Star) Just Scratching the Surface: Win rounds in Competitive: Ancient