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This is how to skip the long warmup timer in CSGO

by | Feb 25, 2021

Reading Time: 3 min.
Reading Time: 3 min.

Now that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is at the peak of its popularity, many players are looking for a simple command to shut off warmup.

CSGO’s warmup period was a good idea in theory, but its not really there just for players to warm up. Most players that are queuing into games have already tested their accuracy on aim maps, headshot-only servers, and practice maps, so warmup time is usually spent just rushing towards the enemy spawn. CSGO’s warmup period is about letting everyone connect to the server, which is why these commands to end warmup and control how it starts, stops, and pauses are so useful.

The commands below control and tweak CSGO’s warmup periods almost however one wishes.

How to end warmup in CSGO

All of these commands require players to put them into CSGO’s console, which they can activate by opening the game’s “Settings” menu, clicking “Game,” and turning the console option on. Players can also search “console” in CSGO’s new settings search bar.

There are a few different ways to customize CSGO’s warmup period. They involve the total warmup time, whether or not warmup is turned on at all, and finally a command to stop warmup immediately in order to start the game. The first set of commands lets players control the warmup timer in Valve’s shooter.

Changing CSGO’s warmup timer

  • mp_warmuptime 120

The number after the command is the number of seconds the warmup will last. The command above would set a game’s warmup timer to 120 seconds, or two minutes. The next CSGO warmup command will tell the game whether or not a player wants to have warmup enabled in offline games against bots. This command is perfect for players who use practice configurations and eliminates the need for the command that ends warmup in their script.

  • mp_warmup_pausetimer 

This command can be set to “1” to pause the warmup timer and “0” to unpause.

Enabling or disabling warmup 

  • mp_do_warmup_offline 

This command can end in either a “0,” which disables warmup in bot games, or in a “1,” which leaves it on. There’s little reason for a warmup period against bots, especially with these two related commands.

  • mp_warmup_period 

This command works just like mp_do_warmup_offline, except that it affects local area servers that players are hosting. CSGO’s dedicated servers have a different setting.

Ending CSGO’s warmup timer immediately

Finally, there’s the heavy hitter of warmup commands. This command will immediately end warmup and put a player directly into the game.

  • mp_warmup_end

This command doesn’t need a number following it, as it simply ends that period of the game and moves everything forward. Unfortuantely, none of the commands listed above will work in matchmaking, where Valve controls all commands that are sent to and from the server. But if players are looking for a way to customize their practice routines or set up a quicker custom game with friends, these commands will do the trick.

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