Cookie Run Kingdom guild

This is how to create or leave a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom

By Olivia Richman


Jul 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Guilds in Cookie Run: Kingdom are a great way for players to create in-game communities and find other people to play with. But sometimes you may want to leave a guild in order to create your own. Here’s how to leave a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

How to unlock guilds

You won’t automatically have access to guilds in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This social feature is unlocked when you play through World Exploration mode, the main story. Once you reach Episode 3, Pilgrim’s Path, you need to complete stages 3 through 6. That’s when you’ll see the guild button finally appear in the bottom-left corner of the home screen.

Creating a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom is easy. Here’s how to create a guild:

  • Press the guild button
  • Press create
  • Choose a guild name
  • Fill out the description
  • Choose certain settings, like invite-only
  • Pick an emblem
  • Pay 500 Crystals to officially create the guild
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How to accept an invite to a guild

If you don’t want to create your own guild, you can also join another player’s. Head to the chat icon in the top-right corner of the home screen. The chat icon looks like a group of orange people. To the left of the mail icon, you’ll see guild invites. From there, just press “join requests” to see all your of your guild invites and to accept an invite to a guild.

Sometimes you may just want to switch to another guild, or create a new guild of your own. Luckily it’s pretty easy to leave a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

First, head over to the guild section, which can be found in the main menu. Once in the guild area, tap on the guild you’re in, which is located in the top left. This will bring you to the Guild Table. Click on the guild name again and simply hit “leave” at the bottom of the menu.

To keep players from leaving and joining guilds too often, Cookie Run: Kingdom doesn’t allow you to sign up for a new guild or create your own new guild for 24 hours after leaving a guild.

Can you delete a guild if you’re the guild leader?

Yes. Follow the instructions above to head to the Guild Table. Once there, click on the guild you created. It will open the same menu as before, but this time press “close” instead of “leave.” Enter the exact name of your guild into the text box when prompted. Then press the “close” button, which will now be glowing red. Confirm that you want to delete the guild, knowing you can never get it back.


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