This is how the Cyberpunk 2077 version of Overpass looks

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Overly competitive and razor-sharp map Overpass could be fun as well. A fan’s recreation of the dull map is upbeat, eerie, and a spot-on version of Cyberpunk 2077. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s map pool is primarily decorated with earthy tones. Dust 2 and Mirage’s popularity has overshadowed a lot of the other maps, but Overpass has managed to hold its own. The bomb defusal set in a park built in Berlin has emerged as one of the most-played maps in the competitive scene but remains underrated in casual games. The dull tones and solemn scenery may be to blame. 

A CSGO fan has added a fresh 2077 neon touch to rather bleak tones of Overpass, overhauling it into a map that has tons of potential for casual matches. 

Fan recreates Overpass with Cyberpunk 2077 touch

Luke_rm uploaded an image on Overpass’s party area, which was glooming with yellow and pink hues. Set in the nighttime, the scenery looked haunting and aesthetic. The creator has added an ultra-modern and futuristic touch into the background building with glass windows reflecting neon lights. 

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The walls throughout the map are aligned with RGB strips, sending a glow from stagnant water on the floor. In contrast with the original clear skies of Overpass, luke’s creation has gloomy weather. The rain splatters add a unique touch to the map. The creator has also tallied anime posters to the map, easter eggs with fun texts on walls, and glowing bomb site indicators. 

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The neon posters, glass buildings, and balloon bulbs grace every little corner of the dark and dreary Overpass. The map looks like a canal location straight out of Cyberpunk 2077, lit with incandescent lights and risque signs. 

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While the map is visually pleasing, it may not do well in competitive mode due to the dark mode. Areas like lowe tunnel, B short, and canals will make the CSGO agents almost invisible in the nighttime. It is for the same reason that all competitive maps in CSGO are set in bright daylight. 

Nevertheless, the Overpass 2077 looks like a fun map to play in casual mode. It’s always interesting to explore Valve’s playground in unique settings and experiment with modern designs. The location is available on the Steam store for everyone to play in custom and casual mode. 

Where is the CSGO map Overpass based? 

The bomb defusal map Overpass is set in Berlin, Germany. It was released in the CSGO winter offensive update along with Cobblestone. The latter was removed from the competitive pool due to lack of popularity, but Overpass remains one of the most played maps in professional games.