CSGO player proposes to girlfriend with ring hidden in custom skin

Fariha Bhatti • October 20, 10:31

This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player is winning hearts with his wholesome marriage proposal story.

CSGO is one of the oldest first-person shooter games, and it has had a significant impact on many lives. People made new friends through Valve’s shooter, but this player took his love story to a whole new level by proposing to his CSGO duo through a weapon skin.

Counter-strike is popular for its sure-fire gunplay and cheaters that malign the games. Despite some shortcomings in the game, players keep returning to CSGO for its cut-throat competitive value and nostalgia. The shooter has produced tons of memes and trends that still has the players connected to the game. This CSGO player, ejqespiritu, is an excellent example of how counter-strike has influenced many lives.

How to propose to partner in CSGO with custom skins

Sharing his story with Reddit users, ejqespiritu revealed that he was first introduced to CSGO by his girlfriend in 2014. The player started his venture with P90, often considered a “troll weapon.” However, the two made memories, running around in Silver lobbies with shotguns and SMGs, which led him to develop a CSGO themed proposal idea.

ejqespiritu designed a custom skin, which isn’t exactly easy on the eye, but it’s super special. The player created a gun skin right before uninstalling the game due to responsibilities. The green P90 had dandelions painted roughly over it with light branches wrapped around the front. His girlfriend wasn’t impressed with the design either, but ejqespiritu had snuck in a piece of virtual jewelry that caught her eye.

On top of the weapon, the artist hid a diamond ring in a red velvet holder. Right when she spotted the ring, ejqespiritu went down on his knee to ask his girlfriend to marry him. The couple later got married, it’s unknown whether their wedding had a CSGO themed cake, but this story won the hearts of CSGO fans on Reddit.

Despite its below-average appearance, players are willing to play money for the P90 Marry Me skin due to the heartwarming backstory. Unfortunately, P90 Marry Me is a custom item that can’t be bought on the Steam market.


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