This CSGO player has the weirdest controls of all time

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Pro players controls are a common topic of discussion in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but there’s one setup that new players should avoid entirely.

Thanks to some esports’ decades of competitive history, players have picked up some pretty weird quirks. Whether it’s click-to-drag in StarCraft or legacy keys in Dota 2, customizable controls always lead to players making wild changes to their inputs. However, one professional CSGO player has reached the playoffs of the Rio Major using an absurd control scheme. Enter Fantic’s Dion “FASHR” Derksen.

FASHR uses the strangest controls of any CSGO pro, and it’s not even close. To move forward, he clicks the right button on his mouse. To back up, he uses the ; key. Strafing to the right requires the . key while leftwards demands the , key. Crouch is M, which is at least close to some of his movement keys. FASHR did not reveal his grenade binds, but for all we know, they could be on the function row.

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FASHR was once asked in a 2018 interview why he plays with these controls, but he himself stated that there was no particular reason. He may have switched them around at a young age and simply become used to them. While not a big deal now, it could be related to the sideways keyboard positioning favored by many pros. By putting most of his CSGO controls on the bottom-right of the keyboard, he requires very little space on the desk.

CSGO pro FASHR uses inverted controls for aiming

However, the strangest part of FASHR’s controls is related to how he aims. In contrast to every other pro player at the Rio Major, FASHR’s mouse movement is inverted. This means that dragging his mouse towards himself makes his crosshair go up. 

In the same 2018 interview, FASHR’s father explained that the inverted mouse preference is a result of a young FASHR playing on his father’s computer. Mr. Derksen had a fondness for flight simulator games, which feature inverted controls to mimic a real aircraft.

While most players would balk at these keybinds, they prove an interesting point about the nature of pro CSGO. Aspiring players often scour forums looking for pro controls and sensitivities to copy. Meanwhile, FASHR has right-click marched his way into the playoffs of the $1.25 million Rio Major with inverted mouse controls. Fnatic’s rifler is living proof that keybinds don’t matter nearly as much as many CSGO players think they do.


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