This CSGO player built a custom wooden gun controller

By Nick Johnson


Oct 22, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Fans have seen Counter-Strike Global Offensive players use everything from bananas to DDR mats to play CSGO. But despite the obvious comparison, this might be the first gun used as a CSGO controller.

To start off, the post showed the construction of a well-made replica of a handgun made from wood. Created entirely from scratch, the trigger was turned into a mechanism to register a mouse click before the controller slotted into a mouse the user had modified for this exact purpose.

CSGO wooden gun Reddit

Playing CS:GO after crafting a wooden gaming gun from r/GlobalOffensive

Professional CSGO has had its ups and downs this season, but it’s still an impressive sight to see when users take their game to the next level. When someone breaks out an unconventional way to play CSGO, it’s normally just to see if they could do it. But as 2020 has everyone stuck inside, people are starting to get creative.

Earlier this year, a fan showed off a mockup of what it would be like if Fortnite’s building mechanics came to CSGO, and the video was enough to make any fan of CSGO say, “Don’t give Valve any ideas.” 

It isn’t new either. CSGO’s weird controllers date as far back as the game’s early years, where one brave volunteer played round after round of CSGO using a Dance Dance Revolution mat. But out of all of these, the craftsmanship and dedication to making a wooden weapon just to attach it to a mouse might be the best one fans have gotten to see this year.

It’s tough to say what someone will come up with next, but it will be hard to beat this one.