This B rush on Vertigo is pretty much unstoppable for CTs

Nick Johnson • April 26, 20:01

Recent changes to Vertigo have given the map a completely different feel, as many of the advantages that the attacking players relied on are now gone. The mid window, long relied on for late flanks to the B bombsite, is now gone and replaced by an elevated platform that gives defenders rule over mid. Although the perch is easily mollied, it provides a strong postion when coupled with a lean towards the B bombsite from the third A site defender. There’s also more cover around the top of B stairs.

These changes have made defenders much more bold, but there are some strong plays that can be made that take advantage of this. In particular, there is a new B execute to counter defenders peaking over stairs.

The bread and butter of this execute is a specific pop flash. Round the corner towards B site and set up against the wall shown below. Crouch, place your crosshair on the bottom left corner of the vent, and left click. The flashbang hits the vent in such a way that it traces a high arc over to B stairs before just becoming visible to defenders and detonating.

If any are watching the T side door, they’re fully blinded. Next up, the team can either commit to a full rush, or include two smokes in their buy to ensure the plant. With two attackers providing cover, two players line up against the back stairs wall as seen below. The player further up the stairs aims at the circle on the I-beam in front of them and left clicks. The second player aims at the top right corner of the exposed beam and also throws the smoke grenade with a long-throw. The attackers head onto site together.

Even waiting for smokes to bloom, T players can make it on site and plant before the first CT can make the full rotate.

Leaving an attacker mid is a smart idea for two reasons. The new Vertigo came with changes to “T” floor as well. There is now a quick flank option down A ramp through the skinny choke point, one that was a popular way to attempt the B retake. A late lurk mid is now much more effective against both the A rotates through middle and CT spawn, but also the flank through T spawn as well as the counter-flank through connector. 

Add a molotov into the equation and, barring a lights-out play from the B defender, the T’s should have the round. What is now considered the default plant spot can be mollied from almost anywhere. A molly from middle can either be a desperate play or a 200 IQ highlight, while a molly from stairs is a standard throw with the same lineup as the first smoke of the execute.

The new Vertigo is now all about speed for the T side. Before, waiting out CT utility before a late round B split was common.

With the recent changes, however, there are simply too many points of CT aggression for attackers to keep an eye on. Quick plays like the one above make sure that the T side has site control and at least one kill before the perch rotate comes in. Suddenly, the lack of a mid-window isn’t the attackers’ problem anymore. Without the shortcut, its either a long rotate from middle to B stairs or through the narrow CT spawn choke point to get onto B.

It all starts with one decent popflash. Without the CT off the door angle, the push is going nowhere fast.


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