This Astra trick is perfect to counter Iso’s ultimate

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 2, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Iso is bulletproof, but he is not invincible. In order to tackle his ruthless ultimate, players may want to have Astra in their corner. 

Iso has officially entered the Valorant protocol as a merciless aimer, equipped with a shield. Two of his abilities are centered around damage prevention, but the ultimate stands out as the most lethal of all. Turns out, Astra can help survive his ultimate. 

Players have discovered a unique Astra and Iso combination that enables the latter to support her teammate from her own Astral reality.

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Iso is not that invincible, new Astra trick proves

During his Kill Contract, Iso pulls his enemy into an alternate reality with three shields separating them. In Iso’s universe, there’s no one protecting his enemies, not even a smoke or a wall. It’s just him against his foe. Since this universe is separated from the Alpha and Omega earth, no one can toss in their utility to tenderize Iso or send aid. 

However, lore-wise, Astra has her own Astral reality, which is also untouchable by anyone. Players have used this twist to find a loophole in Iso’s invincible reality. The spatial agent can use her stars to help a teammate. 

Astra is the only agent who can send her utility into Iso’s reality to help a teammate. Her stun can help disorient Iso or even block his sight with a smoke. However, communication is the key to pull this off. Without smooth communication, Astra can’t do much for the teammate. Astra will need the exact location and guidance from a teammate to land a star, as shown in the video. 

This mechanic could be helpful in tackling Iso in high ELO games where utility truly shines. Since team communication and coordination are also at the center in high-stakes matches, this combination could actually prove to be highly useful.