This 64-tick Mirage smoke is going to win you more games

Nick Johnson • June 1, 17:05

Of all the big Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps, the second most popular has to be Mirage. And there’s a great smoke that could dramatically increase your win rate on the popular map.

Whether playing on FACEIT, ESEA, or just regular old matchmaking, Mirage pops up a ton. While even players of the lowest rank can throw the A-site stairs smoke, players are hard pressed to find someone who knows a real smoke for covering mid window. A top mid smoke that allows attacking to cross is common, but it doesn’t help the team take what they actually need, which is mid control

Mid control is key on Mirage, but the CT side has a serious advantage there. The defending team has three separate angles they can hold middle from, whereas the T side is stuck coming out of underpass or with the classic top-mid peek. For the T side, the angles available from underpass aren’t very favorable for dueling either window or catwalk. In fact, underpass is pretty much nullified by any position other than connector.

The other attacking option for the attacking side is the top-mid peek. Unfortunately, the peek is so reliant on friendly spawn positions that the Ts can’t count on reaching a dominant position every round.

That’s why it’s so important for players to know a quick window smoke. Until now, window smokes have been complicated to throw, especially on 64-tick matchmaking servers. Luckily, the game’s most inventive players have come to the rescue once again.

Best smoke for mid window on Mirage

This smoke, while still requiring a crouched jumping throw, might be the easiest one for 64-tick servers. Thrown from the back of T-spawn, it’s a solid tool that can help the attacking team take the most important position on Mirage.

The smoke shown above not only works on Valve’s matchmaking servers, it’s easy to line up and fast to throw, allowing teams to both quickly and reliably execute based off of it. That’s the hallmark of a good smoke, and good utility usage almost always leads to wins. Just ask top pro team Astralis.


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