This 59-year-old CSGO streamer shows serious skills on stream

By Olivia Richman


Dec 19, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch streamer ithemanturk continues to prove that video games aren’t just for young people. In fact, gamers of all ages should watch out for Turk when it comes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

The 59-year-old streamer recently shared a clip of him popping off in CSGO, and it already has over 20,000 views. 

In the explosive clip, Turk is on the B bombsite of Mirage, playing T side. As he’s defending a plant, an opponent pushes out of appartments and Turks quickly takes him out as he lands.

Turk turns a corner and sees a teammate going down. The enemy is in the window and Turk quickly eliminates him with a running headshot. This is quite the lucky shot because Turk is low on ammo, and weapon spread gets quite large while running in CSGO. 

As he runs into the building, it’s announced that Turk is the MVP of the round. While showing off a pretty nice knife, Turk decides to teabag the opponent he swatted down just a few moments ago. 

“Nothing like a little teabag,” Turk says with a laugh. 

Who is ithemanturk?

With moves like that, you’d think Turk was considering a run with the pros. But according to the streamer’s bio, he’s actually the owner of an IT company and PC store, and he’s just playing for fun. 

Turk, who also goes by POPS, describes himself as an 59-year-old business owner who has been playing PC games since the late 90s. Turk started streaming just eight months ago and aims to ensure that all of his live broadcasts are full of “positive vibes and energy.” 

“As you can tell by my playlist, I’m OLD SKOOL, so up in ‘The Hizzy’ as I call it. We are low key, have fun, laugh and joke and take our minds off of the daily grind we all have. This stream is a chill place to hang. It’s all about US, not ME, so WELCOME!!” Turk’s bio reads. 

Turk actually streams quite regularly. Sunday through Friday, Turk streams from 9:30 PM to midnight. On Saturday he streams 1 AM to whenever he feels like. Check out his clips and schedule for yourself here

He is also attempting to figure out Twitter. While he still hasn’t tweeted anything, Turk told his Twitch fans to not only follow him on Twitter, but maybe also help him with the platform a little bit. Not everything comes as easily to Turk as CSGO.


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